Yearbook Logistics

Everything to know about this year's yearbook

Importance of Logistics...

Logistics are everything when it comes to this book. We take pride in making sure that everything is perfect and ready for student's to see. Without this information, new yearbook students are lost when they arrive.

What are the font sizes?

Titles: The letters vary in sizes from 80pt-127pt

About (shows what the page is for): 24pt.

ByLine: 12pt.

Infographic Question: 18pt.

Infographic Answer: 14pt.

Storycopy: 14pt.

Folio: 10-12pt.

What are the Fonts for our Titles?

Litho Antique Condensed

Where is this font used?

This font is probably the one you will see the most throughout the book. It is used for the storycopies, by lines, and infographic responses. But you need to remember to check the sizes cause they vary.

Others fonts you will use throughout the book this year...

Where do you put the title?

The title can go several different places on the spread. But it is different for spreads and pages. The pictures below show where they can go based on the type.
Big image
Big image

Other small things to know...

1. When quoting someone, in the story copy or infographic response, ALWAYS put quotation marks.

2. The title posiions (pictured above) can go horizontal or vertical.

3. Make sure to alernate fonts for titles. Don't have three or four pages with the same font for the title.

4. Always double check yourself, even the best make mistakes.

5. Stay positive!