National Park Service Organic Act

aka Organic Act of 1916


To establish the National Park Service (NPS) that will protect wildlife and also provide enjoyment that is not harmful to nature.

Key Info

Passed in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson

Established the National Park Service

Opposed by Gifford Pinchot because he thought a National Park Service would interfere with timber trade

National Park Service

Provides food, shelter, lodging, and transportation to visitors of national parks

Has its own US Park Police to help the NPS with training and preservation

Prohibits activities such as hunting and logging to preserve the parks


Led to the National Trail Systems Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, both partly administered by the NPS

Led to the doubling of the National Park System after passage of Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

Established new national parks such as Yellowstone, Mount Ranier, and Yosemite