Types of Bikes

There's alot more than you think


Soichiro Honda's love of victory helped launch a small company into a racing giant. At age 22, Mr. Honda himself, using a converted Curtis Wright aircraft engine, set a Japanese speed record hitting 75 mph. Honda Racing was born.
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Continuing on with a look back into all the motocross bikes since 1973, we now take a look at the Suzuki’s. Suzuki has stayed true to it’s yellow color over the past 40 years and they have produced some pretty trick and innovative motocross bikes. From the water cooled engines to the Full-Floater swingarm, the Suzuki RM has come a long way into what it is today. Many of the die-hard fans will remember the great Roger Decoster ripping the RM around European GP circuit, grabbing five world championships on the beloved Suzuki in the 1970’s
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Husqvarna’s first motorcycle was unveiled in 1903 - a ‘motorised bicycle’. As the oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production, Husqvarna has thankfully learnt a thing or two over the course of 110-years of development.
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KTM Sportmotorcycles has a deeply rooted motorsport tradition, building race-ready motorcycles for competitive and recreational riding. More than 130 world championship titles, victories at Dakar and countless national championships are proof of the company’s great technical expertise. Recently, the company has entered into the streetbike category with a variety of sporting and adventure-touring road-going machines.
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The first Yamaha motorized product was the YA-1 Motorcycle (125cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder). It was produced and sold in Japan.

1960Yamaha International Corporation began selling motorcycles in the USA.

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