Teen Activist Helps Dolphins

Fighting for animal protection

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Teen Activist

Chapter 2: What Is Animal Protection

Chapter 3: Websites and Charities

Chapter 4: What Is Being done

Below is a graph showing how many dolphins are killed, brought to aquariums and released in captivity.
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Chapter 1: Teen Activism

Teen activism is when a teen sees something that needs to be fixed. They fix this difficulty because they are very passionate about their goal. They also persevere or never give up. Teen activists do good things to help their town, city, and country. Teen activist can do anything that varies from the small things like sign a petition or huge things like visit places where things are happening or start a foundation like Elora West.

Elora is a teen activist that is striving for the captivity of dolphins to be over. She also tries to protect as much of the sea creatures as possible. This is considered Animal protection. Most whales and dolphins are held captive in nets. Elora is one out of thousands of teen activists around the world . Do you want to be a teen activist? Read on to find out more about Elora and animal protection.

Chapter 2: What Is Animal Protection

Animal protection is something that is being done to keep animals alive and not endangered. Like Elora a lot of other people are working hard to keep animals from getting endangered. Animal protection can run anywhere from stopping fur farming- animals skinned alive to dolphin/whale slaughter and captivity. Also animal protection is what a person does to stop people or things from killing the animal. Animal protection is what every animal should have. Please try your hardest to help out with animal protection its for the animals not you.
Below is a diagram showing how many animals are held captive.
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Dolphin captivity is wrong

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Chapter 3: Her Blog and Charities

Elora has a blog called The Girls Soapbox. The blog focuses on how to get involved with helping to protect animals. She mainly focuses on protecting dolphins. Her blog states the to help to just simply follow the Sea Shepherd livestream and #tweet4taiji.

What is Elora Doing? Elora is helping out endangered dolphins and other sea creatures. When people view her blog they can decide to help stop animal captivity and dolphin slaughter. She supports charities that raise money to help stop the captivity of dolphins.

Even though Elora is trying to do good, some people disagree with her and call her racist. Elora states, 'Any arguments that those who protest and directly get involved are doing so because they are racist, have absolutely zero understanding.' Elora just wants to stop dolphin and whale captivity and slaughter. In her blog Elora mentions how, when dolphins are help captive she considers it slaughter. In some pictures there are dolphins in nets on or next to boats surrounded by blood. This is very depressing that this is happening. Thankfully, Elora West is helping us out and trying to stop this from happening.

This is Elora West. Also, photos of dolphins being held captive and slaughtered.

Chapter 4: What Is Being Done

In Taiji, Japan, the movie "The Cove" was filmed. In the movie it explains what happens when people hold dolphins captive. Dolphins are kept in a small 10 by 10 meter netted area for people to watch them as a "show". Dolphins get taken away and are slaughter. In September, hundreds of dolphins are caught and slaughtered. A family that had heard about the movie, watched it and toured the town of Taiji. The kids thought it was weird that the people of Japan acted like they were friends with the dolphins, but they were being slaughtered. The kids decided to post notes around the town about the movie so they could spread the word about what "The Cove" and tell them to stop slaughtering dolphins. Other people are going door to door and telling people to stop whale and dolphin slaughter/captivity. These things aren't doing a lot, but do have an impact. Some people join the cause after they find out what is happening to the dolphins. Another example of what is helping to stop the captivity of dolphins is Elora's blog. Elora's blog tells other people that dolphin and whale captivity and slaughter is a horrible thing. Lastly, there is a petition that you can sign online to stop captivity and slaughter of whales and dolphins at https://takeaction.takepart.com/actions/cove-help-save-japans-dolphins



Captive: a person who is enslaved or dominated; slave:

Sea Shepherd: a campaign that Elora Started to stop dolphin captivity and slaughter

Slaughter: the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminatel-y;carnage:

Endangered: threatened with extinction

Animal Protection: something that is being done to keep- animals from dying out

persevere: to keep up; maintain



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