New York Times

Long Island Sound


There is a new island/country that has been discovered! Its name is Long Island Sound ! It's in the Pacific Ocean. Long Island Sound is also located south of the equator at 15 Degrees south and 120 Degrees west.
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Long Island Sound's government is a dictatorship. It impacts the country and people because I am the ruler and when I die I can pick the new ruler of the country. Long Island Sound's government is unlimited.


Long Island Sound uses communism. This impacts it because I am in charge of everything on Long Island Sound. This is a developed country. That impacts Long Island Sound because it means that there are lots of buildings all over the place. Long Island Sound makes most of its money from agriculture and services. This impacts it because there will be lots of farms and service buildings.This country imports: Cars, seeds, medicine, books etc. It exports: Palm Fruit, chocolate, sugar etc.

Long Island Sound's Rules

You must eat chocolate at every meal. If you are caught smuggling drugs, raisins, bell peppers, grape flavoring etc. you will be severely punished in public. If you mistreat any animals, children, etc. then what you did to them will be done to you ( maybe in public )

Dictator of Long Island Sound

You will love it. Contact me if you don't like any rules.