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Originally Settled and Colonized by Great Britain

Purpose, Location, and Description

South Carolina was originally settled by eight nobles who were issued a royal charter by King Charles II in 1663 in hopes that the King and his empire would gain riches while the nobles would gain land. South Carolina is located on the eastern coast of the New World above Georgia and below North Carolina at 34 degrees north and 81 degrees west. Due to its location within the Southern colonies, South Carolina has great agricultural land, plenty of opportunities to fish, and a large amount of forests for timber. South Carolina is a royal colony meaning it is governed by a royal governor and council appointed by the monarch. There is not a set religion in South Carolina, therefore, many religious groups such as Anglicans and Baptists are found in the colony. South Carolina has many exports such as cash crops, lumber, furs, and farm products.

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Major Events and Key People

In 1669, the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina was approved and granted religious freedom. Charles Town was made permanent and the capital in 1670. In 1706, the English were successful in Queen Anne's War. In 1712, Carolina was divided into both North and South. The citizens rebelled against the Lord Proprietors in 1719 and elected James Moore as governor. In 1721, South Carolina became Crown Colony. In 1742, the English successfully stopped the Spanish in Battle of Bloody Marsh.

Charles Craven was the governor during the Tuscarora War and Yamasee War. James Moore was the English governor during the Queen Anne's War and helped win it for South Carolina and Great Britain. King Charles II created South Carolina as a colony.