Email Etiquette

A Lesson for 9-12 Students

Email Etiquette Importance

In a world of texting and abbreviations and slang, it is hard to get students to understand the importance of email etiquette. Here is a link to an article that talks about the importance of email etiquette -- Email Etiquette -- with a little more information on why, students may be more willing to work on improving their etiquette! Purdue Owl also has made a presentation including the importance of email etiquette. This is a great resource: Email Etiquette for Students.
E-mail etiquette

Tips for Email Etiquette

Microsoft Office: 12 Tips for Better Email Etiquette

Microsoft has come out with what they think are the 12 most important email etiquette tips. Check out these important professional tips from the people at Microsoft: 12 Tips for Better Email Etiquette.

CBS News: 9 Keys to Email Etiquette

CBS News also came out with an article on what they believe to be some of the most important tips for having the best email etiquette. A couple of theirs apply to mostly business email, but these are still great tips to provide to 9-12 students not only for now but to get them started thinking about the importance of email in the future. These tips can be found at: 9 Keys to Email Etiquette.

101 Email Etiquette Tips

Now here is a website that has 101 emailing tips! That's right....101!!!

Assignment: Which Tips Do You Think Are the Most Important?

Assignment Idea:

Have the students in the class come up with their own list of the tips that they think are most important and/or have them create a list from these resources of the tips they need to work on most to improve their own emailing etiquette.