Created by Malaci Holden

Theme Courage

Sounder is a brave dog because Sounder chased his master that was in the wagon, but…sounder got shot with a gun, don't worry he is still alive (Surprisingly).The mother she had to take care of her family by collecting food, water, a home, and taking of her children with the father in prison. The Father had some resistance against the steel chain that the deputy whip his face with. The Boy went to the jail/courthouse to deliver/give a cake to his father with the red faced man scaring him.

Opinion of statement

Should people starve, no because we all have a right to eat. Some people don’t even have a home, food, and not being safe at all. But most people in the world have a home, food, and secured by the L.A.W. I think everyone has a right to have food, home, and safety. Because we all want to survive until we see what happens in are life.

Alike and Differences

Both story’s main characters lived on a farm, a small one. Both dog’s in both stories were wounded. Now both dads love their dogs so much. Both dads and dogs died in both stories at the end of them. The daughter’s dad yells at her. The boy’s dad did not yell at him. The dad hates the dog that his daughter got him.
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Picture Summary

These people had the courage to climb this little mountain top. Sounder had the courage to chase after is master risking his life for him.


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