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August 31, 2020

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Coweta County School System Press Release from 8/26/2020

EMPOWER Registration is now closed.


Masks are required at school when social distancing is not possible.

Social distancing is when you are at least six feet in distance from another person.


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What will instruction look like for Blended Learning?

Teachers at Lee Middle School are prepared to teach in a blended environment of both in-person and online students. Instruction will be live except in the event that the teacher is absent from school or when in-person students are participating in school processes/procedures to teach student safety.


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In-Person and Online Schedule

Due to having students in-person and online, LMS students will follow the bell schedule that we have used for the past several years. Please see the schedule below and make note of changes that might need to be made.
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Connections Classes

Middle schools in Coweta County have gone to an alternating schedule for connections classes in order to reduce the number of transitions in the hallways. Students will report to one connections class per day that will be approximately 90 minutes in length.


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This is a free student planner that students can use as an agenda throughout the school year. The planner has the Coweta County School System Student Handbook linked to the first page. This student planner will force each student to make his/her own copy.

Original template created in SlidesMania.com.

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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal

* No student should arrive on campus before 7:30am.

* Car riders arriving before 8:00 am will report to a designated classroom until they are told to report to homeroom at 8:00am.

*Bus riders arriving before 8:00 am will report to the gym until they are told to report to homeroom at 8:00 am.

* If a student plans to eat breakfast, they must report to the cafeteria to eat before reporting to the gym.

* Students who are not bus riders are encouraged to report to the school after 8:00am and report directly to their homerooms.

* All students should be in homeroom by 8:15.

* Students may not remain at school after scheduled dismissal time unless they have prior approval from a staff member who will supervise them or if they are a member of a club, athletic team, etc. sponsored by the school.

* Supervision will only be provided from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm each day.



Clinic Card

Emergency Information Card

Attendance/Truancy Letter

Media Release form

Chromebook AUP form (6th grade only)



Student Medication Drop-Off

Parents may drop off student medication at the school this week on the following days and times:

Monday (8/31) - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Wednesday (9/2) - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Friday (9/4) - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please see medication restrictions below.



The LMS clinic is open daily from 7:30-3:30. Our school nurse, Meta Thompson, assists students who become sick or injured while at school and dispenses medications prescribed by physicians. Whenever it is necessary for your child to receive medication at school, the following policy must be followed:

1. A school nurse or school designee may administer medication provided all of the requirements are met.

2. All medicine must be in its original LABELED container or prescription bottle.

3. Written instructions for prescription medication must be from a doctor or physician's assistant authorized to prescribe medicine. How to administer, amount to be administered, time to be administered, etc., must be shown.

4. A written request by the parent or guardian must be made to the school nurse or school designee to administer any medication. The school nurse or school designee shall keep a written note in the students file.


Required Immunizations for ALL 7th Grade Students

Attentional ALL Rising 7th Graders:

The Georgia Department of Human Resources has issued an immunization update regarding Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) and Meningococcal immunizations.

Starting July 1, 2014 all children who were born on or after January 1, 2002 who are entering the seventh grade are required to have a

  1. Tdap and a Meningococcal immunization
  2. an updated immunization certificate (Form 3231) reflecting the administration dates of the two additional vaccines.

All rising 7th graders born on or after January 1, 2002, must have ONE of the following:

  1. A current , up-to-date DHR Immunization Form 3231 reflecting the additional one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) vaccine and one Meningococcal conjugate vaccine have been administered OR

  2. A signed immunization waiver (available at the school for eligible students only) granting an extension of 30 calendar days OR

  3. A notarized affidavit affirming a religious belief conflict.

If you have any questions regarding your student’s immunization status, contact your child’s physician, the local Health Department, or the school nurse (Wilma McCann). We encourage you to attend to this promptly to avoid the “back to school” rush. Your new certificate can be obtained while your child is still in sixth grade and issued to the school.



Student Portal

Students will be assigned a login for Student Portal which will allow them to regularly monitor their grades and assignments. Students should NOT change their password. Students should also keep this password in a secure location and should never share their password with other students.

Parent Portal

Parent portal provides access for parents to view students' attendance, grades, schedules, lunch balance, and other useful information. It also allows teachers to communicate with parents via the portal. You can enroll on the Coweta County School website. If you have questions about your portal account or are having trouble logging in, please contact Student Information Services by emailing infinitecampusportal@cowetaschools.net .



To maintain safety precautions, students will be socially distanced during lunch and microwaves will not be used.


Parents can use their credit cards and debit cards to pay for lunch charges. Mealpay Plus is a pre-payment system that allow parents to make deposits into their child's meal accounts via the Web. The payment service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a one-time, free registration for each parent and multiple children at various schools can be accommodated.

Payments may be made by phone or over the internet, with checking or savings accounts through an e-check, or by using debit or credit cards. (there is a 4.75 percent transaction fee for the service.) Of course, parents may continue to pay their child's meal directly at school in the lunch line by check or cash.


* Access the system 24/7

* Make payments via credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks.

* Receive low balance email reminders.

* Pay with a check, Visa, or MasterCard.

* Make split payments for multiple students in one or more district schools.

* View or monitor purchases made in the cafeteria.

* Use MealpayPlus with confidence. MealpayPlus is PCI and VeriSign certified.

* Receive Live Chat or toll-free support from knowledgeable, friendly and courteous staff.

Sign up and Support

Of course, parents may continue to pay for their child's meal directly at school in the lunch line by check or cash. The cost of breakfast is $1.00 and the cost of lunch is $3.05. Students may charge up to two lunches. Afterwards, they will be served an alternate meal until their balance is paid. Please contact cafeteria manager, Angela Smith at 770-251-1547 if you have questions.



Car Riders

* Car rider drop-off and pick-up will be in the front of the school.

* Cars will stop at the sidewalk in front of the school until students are dismissed.

* Once students have been dismissed to the car loading zone, staff will direct traffic two car lanes)

* Please encourage your student to pay attention to the car line and where you are located. If your student has not entered the car by the time the line is dismissed, you will need to pull around the circle again.

Bus Transportation

* Students are assigned to ride schools buses that will pick them up and drop them off in close proximity of their homes.

* Bus transportation is a privilege provided to all students who can cooperate and abide by the rules. Problems on a school bus are a road hazard, reasonable behavior ensures a safe ride. Parents should closely supervise children at the bus stops to ensure their safety as they wait and properly board the school bus.

* If a student needs to ride a bus other than the assigned bus, the student must bring note from the parent/guardian with a telephone number for verification. Once verified, these request are honored if space allows. Transportation notes will be accepted in the form of a written letter, an email, or by fax.

* Students do not need a transportation note to change from a car to bus or vice versa on a given day. Notes are only needed if a student is riding a bus that is not their regular assigned bus (for example, going home with a friend on a different bus).

Transportation Changes

* Transportation changes will not be accepted after 3:00pm. If prior written notification is received, your child will follow his/her regular means of transportation. NOTE: Bus drivers may not let a child off the bus at any stop other than his own without written and approved authorization to do so.

* Please do not meet the bus along the route and ask your child to get off. Please meet him/her at home instead.



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