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Happy Thanksgiving! October 2021

Terry Fox Run update

Thanks for your generosity once again! South Oaks raised a total of $542.25 for cancer research this year. Every penny of this money goes to the Terry Fox foundation to continue the research for a cure. Our community has held the Terry Fox Run for decades and the story of this young man's vision continues to inspire us year after year. Thanks again for your partnership in this way. Thanks to the staff for planning and running the event in a COVID safe manner.

Picture Retake Day - October 29

LifeTouch will be back at South Oaks School on Friday morning, October 29 for picture retakes. If you would like to have your child's photo redone, please contact the school and we will put him/her on the list. If you have received a photo package from the first picture day, that package must be returned when retakes are done.

Every Child Matters

The photo below is from Orange Shirt Day last year (feels like a lifetime ago). To me, this image represents what is possible for the Indigenous community and for Canada. This youth was so energetic, vibrant and fully engaged in sharing his cultural dance with us. He demonstrated pride in his dancing ability and in the handmade regalia he was wearing. The drummers that played for him were highly skilled musicians and gifted in their own right.

What was the role of South Oaks during this event? We listened. We watched. We supported. We stopped "running the show" for a little while and allowed our routine to be a little disrupted. It was the most gorgeous fall day, much like today, and in that moment, we got just a little glimpse of what the future of Canada could be like. Our culture, listening and learning from Indigenous culture. Both cultures enriched by our time together. It was a lovely experience for us. The organizer of the event mentioned to me later how this South Oaks event was special.

This has been a year of difficult truths about the history of Canada and how the Indigenous community was treated. South Oaks wants to be part of the Reconciliation journey and we are exploring ways in which to do this. Senator Murray Sinclair says this journey will take several generations, so we all have our work to do!

We will hold a special outdoor assembly on Oct. 1, for Orange Shirt Day and also to welcome everyone back to school. Please note that this is a student only event. Unfortunately, we cannot have parents at the event due to health restrictions. Thanks for your understanding.

Life will be better once we reconcile our country's history and build a better future. Thanks for your support and willingness to join us on this journey.

Dale Martens

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Dates to Remember

October 1: Orange Shirt Day

October 4-8: Fire Safety Week

October 5: Religious Exercises begin


October 12-15: Bus Safety Week

October 13: Discovery Time begins (tentative date)

October 22: PD Day - NO SCHOOL

October 29: Picture retake day (AM)

*Note: See Calendar on our website for latest updates!

Religious Exercises and Discovery Time

The current plans are to begin religious exercises on Oct. 5. Due to our cohort model, we will be offering a cohort based model during COVID. So, each cohort will have the opportunity to attend for a one week period and then we will rotate to the next cohort. The religious exercises are hosted by the Grunthal ministerial, so we appreciate their time and partnership.

Discovery Time is tentatively scheduled to begin on Oct. 20 and every Wednesday after that. We are currently finalizing the plans/schedules for this time.

We heard recently that all volunteers for these activities will need to follow the same health protocols as our staff. That means they will either have to be fully vaccinated or be willing to be tested when asked. This is because children are considered to be vulnerable to COVID.

Thanks to all the volunteers who are preparing to support these activities. We look forward to returning to a somewhat normal routine in this area.

Safety Month

October is Safety month in schools. Generally speaking we will be teaching about Fire Safety (Oct. 4 - 7), Bus Safety (Oct. 12 - 14) and Personal Safety (Oct. 18 - 21). This is a good time for parents to discuss and review safety practice at home as well. It is a good idea to review the fire escape plan in your home, put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors, etc. Review anything about bus safety that is pertinent, such as lining up on the driveway, etc. Personal safety is a preventative measure to empower our kids to report any treatment towards them that is not appropriate. This may also include things such as internet safety.

We want our children to stay safe. This is the top priority for us at South Oaks. Safety seems more and more important all the time. So, thanks for partnering with us to equip your children to be smart and safe in the world around them.


Most school bus fatalities occur when children are outside the bus, and 75% of these fatalities involve children under the age of nine.

Make sure your children know and follow these rules:

1. Be on time.

2. Never run to or from the bus.

3. Stand back from the curb.

4. Don't push or shove.

5. Stay in your seat.

6. Don't yell or shout.

7. Always obey the driver.

8. Wait for the driver's signal before crossing.

9. Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.

10. Never crawl under a school bus.

11. Wear a mask!

Remove Drawstrings:

Clothing that your children like may not always be safe. Drawstrings can catch in playground equipment, fences, school bus doors and escalators. Wherever possible remove, shorten or replace drawstrings with another kind of fastener.

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