What A Hero is to Me


What Defines a Hero?

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hero as someone who is admired for their achievements and noble acts of courage. When you think of a hero, you tend to imagine Superman soaring through the skies, saving elderly woman's cats from trees and eliminating evil villains with his laser eyes of glory. Many believe a hero is a fireman rushing in a burning building to save a little girl, a soldier running back into enemy lines to help a wounded comrade, or a police officer stopping a crime. Yet, heroism goes much deeper than that. A hero to me is someone you admire and look up to for their noble acts of courage and kindness. A hero can be someone that pats somebody on the back when they're down, someone that picks up a piece of trash when no one is looking, or someone that sticks up for those that can't defend themselves.

A hero is a woman calling for help during a bank robbery. Imagine an ordinary woman going about her day and working at her job in the bank. Then, all of a sudden there are robbers holding them at gunpoint and telling everyone to get down. She secretly pulls out her phone and

calls 911. The woman fears that her life is endangered, but she still risks it to save the lives of all. She is an ordinary citizen, who isn't a brave soldier or a superhero, but by making one simple phone call, she saved many people. To risk your own life for the sake of others is extremely courageous don't you think? A hero is someone that is admired for her noble acts of courage.

A hero is someone that is admired for their noble acts of kindness. A hero is a random citizen giving a homeless man some money and food. The homeless man lost his family in a fire and then fell into a downward spiral. He lost his house, his job, respect from his peers, and his life, but the random citizen doesn't know that. They only see a poor man with no hope in his eyes, looking for a bit of kindness, so they give him some. Although it might have not been much, by giving him the food and money, he inspired the man to get back on his feet and start anew. He’s a hero, because he was admired for his noble acts of kindness, no matter how small.

The Girl who Stands Alone

She is there, lying down

Alone in the dark

There is no one in sight

No sound to be heard

She is silent

One might say she is nothing

She is there, sitting

Fear in her eyes

Tears on her face

But she is silent

One might say she is nothing

She is there, standing

Face to the ground

Hands in loose fists

Her face is clear

One might say she is nothing

She is there, laughing

Determination in her soul

Heart full of joy

She is not silent

She has light in the darkness

Gone is the dark

She is alone

But she is not nothing

She is a hero

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The Village of Wilmette

The first and last Village of Wilmette in Illinois