The South Carolina Colony

By: Andrew Wilkinson

The Colony

After being founded in 1663, South Carolina was the eighth colony to be found in the new land. Britain; needing all the resources it could get, had King Charles 1 to send eight noblemen settle around the Virginia area. Working mostly in agriculture the colony was 2/3 African American slaves that were working for raw goods which were to be sent back to Britain.

The Name

The Reason the Carolinas are the Carolinas is because of the two men, King Charles the first and King Charles the second. With the Latin name "Carolus", meaning Charles, the King sought out to name this colony the Carolina. Having various other raw goods, the colony was split into North and South Carolina in 1729. This event made King Charles the second and all of his eight noblemen very important people in the founding of this colony.

The Colony's Significance

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union in the year 1861. Also, the beginning of the Civil War took place in this colony when the first shots were fired off, due to their strong reliability on African slaves. Another first was the shipment of golf balls and clubs to Charleston in 1743 and on September 29, 1768 the SC Golf Club was formed and the same year they made the first golf course in America.


In 1704 the colony of South Carolina was filled with various types of religious groups, such as the Anglicans, dissenters from Britain and the Huguenots. In that same year the Anglicans took away the rights of any other religious outlooks and became the sole religion of the colony. It took two years until 1706 to fix this problem and give all colonists their right to a religion.


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