The Patriot Parent Newsletter

November 2021, Brooklyn Park Elementary School

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A Message from Mr. Walker

Hello BPES Community,

The leaves have turned brown and the Ravens are playing, it must be Fall in Baltimore. I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and the change of seasons. Please read below:

Parent-Teacher Conferences/Report Cards:

Conferences are scheduled for November 22nd and 23rd. Your child’s teacher will be in contact about scheduling. Report Cards will be updated in the Parent Portal on November 23rd by 3:00pm. If you do not have an account for your child, please contact the school office for information on how to create a Parent Portal account. (410) 222-6590.


  • Students and visitors need to wear facemasks. Gaiters are not permitted. If possible, please pack an extra mask in your child’s book bag.
  • Due to Covid 19, we can’t accept any food for birthdays or parties. I encourage pencils, bookmarks, or donations to our PTA.
  • Students need to bring in their Chromebooks charged and ready to go. Also bring their headphones to school each day.
  • We have 30-40 absent students each day, although I understand students will be sick or need to be absent at times. We are striving for 90% attendance every day.


AACPS, in collaboration with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, will be offering COVID-19 vaccinations to children ages 5 to 11 at 24 schools around the county beginning Monday, November 8. The vaccinations are free of charge. Links to register for the clinics can be found at

Happy Thanksgiving..

Mr. Walker

PTA Meeting

Our next meeting will be on November 16th @ 6:30pm. This will be a virtual meeting and you will need to enter BPESPTA as the code to enter the meeting.

Title I

Please review the Title I Parent Letter.

Thank you!

Picture Day is Friday, November 5th!

Classroom News!


We had so much fun learning about the similarities and differences between ourselves and our families in this past unit. Our students also really loved exploring their 5 senses with the pumpkin exploration! Their oral language skills are blossoming through exploration projects like these. Please continue to do fun activities like this at home! This truly helps build the love of learning for our students. Over the next two months, we will begin a new theme; My Health and Community. In November, we will be focusing on our community. We are looking into in house field trips to help our students learn more about community helpers and their roles. Stay tuned for more information! We will be learning the letters; Bb, Kk, Dd, and Ff. In math, we will be learning about measurable attributes (big, small, tall, short, etc). Please continue to read to your child daily and check folders/class dojo for important updates. Thank you for your support!


Hi families! We are so excited with how far your kids have come in such a short amount of time. They are understanding routines, gaining independence and learning how to use their Chromebooks. During writing time, we have started writing words to support our drawings. Similarly, we are working on identifying letters, letter sounds and sight words during our literacy time. To help your child in both writing and literacy, please practice identifying and writing letters at home. During science and social studies, we are learning about different roles people have in our lives as well as social skills like sharing and taking turns. In math, we are working on identifying numbers through 10 and comparing numbers to see which one is more than or less than another. We also are using the i-Ready program on our Chromebooks to help our math skills so encourage i-Ready time, as well as logging in independently, at home. As always, if you need anything please reach out to your child’s teacher- we are here to support you!!

First Grade

First graders have been showing so much growth the past 2 months of school! Beginning in the second marking period, we are beginning Theme 2--How Things Are Connected. Students will learn about problem-solving when working to build houses, and will learn about animal traits. In math, students will begin learning about place value, including comparing numbers and adding and subtracting numbers within 20! In writing, students will begin writing informational pieces about animals and other topics. In reading, we will continue to focus on letter sounds and using those sounds to tap out and read our words. We are also working on going into the text to find important details and information from our books. Students should continue to practice reading and writing about what they read at home!

Second Grade

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we move into the second marking period we are changing the units of study that we are focusing on in our curriculum. We were focusing on us being explorers to make sense of the world around us. Now we are going to move into looking at real world problems and developing solutions that will help us to make the world a better place by working together as a team.

Thank you for participating in our first round of conference. We understand that math is very different now from the way we learned as children. Be on the lookout for the math newsletters that are sent home at the beginning of each topic. These newsletters provide information for you as parents to better help you understand what you child is doing in class. Feel free to send your child’s teacher any questions you have via class dojo if you have signed up or send in a note with your child to school. We are all here to work together in helping our children grow and blossom into responsible and independent life- long learners. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Third Grade


Reading is the foundation for everything we do! Your child visits the media center each week and has the opportunity to select books of their choice to read for enjoyment and practice the reading skills they are learning during their Guided Reading lessons. Encourage your child to share the books they select with you. A great time to do this is just before bed. It allows for some quality family reading time and can help prepare children for a good night’s rest. Have your child read out loud to you and ask them about their favorite part or ask them to make predictions about what they think will happen in the next chapter. The second marking period starts on November 15th. In the second quarter, students will be listening to and reading a variety of informational texts that have a common theme of Collaboration. We will focus on reading strategies like determining main idea and supporting details, comparing and contrasting, and gaining meaning from figurative language.


Third grade writers write a lot of sentences, capitalize the first letter of each sentence, end each sentence with punctuation, and capitalize the pronoun "I" and proper nouns. We have been applying these skills in our narrative essays. In quarter two, we will focus on informational writing.


We are ready for our Mathematicians to jump into exploring the idea of area. Area is the amount of space a shape covers. This month students will learn that area is measured with square units. We will build on what they have learned about arrays to make the connection to area. As we begin our unit on area, please have your child practice the basic multiplication facts regularly. This will really support them when they are determining the area of figure. They can use First in Math to help them practice multiplication fact fluency. Thank you for your support.


We are finishing up our unit of Forces and Interactions as we investigate static electricity and magnetism. We'll use what we've learned and begin applying our findings to real world situations. In our upcoming unit, we will explore Molecules and Organisms, and work to create models that help explain the unique and diverse life cycles of plants, insects, and other organisms. We continue to make predictions and test hypotheses. Encourage your scientist to find ways to explore forces and interactions at home to reinforce the skills they're learning at school.

Social Studies:

As we work through our first unit, we will continue to interpret maps using cardinal directions and use our understanding of geography to discuss how communities are organized focusing things like landforms and waterways, natural vs. human-made features, and discuss how modifications to the environment affect the ways we live. In our next unit, we'll take a look at the cultures represented in our classrooms, schools, and communities, discuss how to learn about and from other cultures, and determine the ways in which we can show respect and appreciation for all cultures.

Fourth Grade

Happy November 4th Grade Families!!

We sure do have a lot of things to be thankful for in 4th grade! We have been overcoming so many obstacles and learning so much the last three months of school. Thank you for being so helpful in that success. Please continue to communicate with your child's teachers - we are a team here and we want your children to be the most successful 4th graders possible this year!

The first marking period is ending November 12 and the new one picks up on November 15! There are conferences 11/22 and 11/23 - please reach out to your child's teacher if you need to schedule one.

Here is a glimpse of what we will be covering this month:

Math we will be ending the marking period with multiplication and division of larger numbers. It is important that your child practice their facts daily. Many students still do not fluently know their addition, subtraction, addition and division facts - we need to keep them practicing. The second marking period will begin by comparing multiplication expressions and interpreting reminders in a division equation.

Language Arts we will be finishing our narrative unit and working on our fictional elements. Second Marking Period we will be moving into informational text and the elements of non-fiction. Please encourage your child to take out non-fiction books from the library and find things that they are interested in. There is a whole world out there to discover! We will be writing informational texts as well.

Science we will begin to talk about the amazing aspects of our planet. We will be looking in-depth at our world we live in.

Social Studies we will be focusing on colonization of the Americas and European involvement.

Students will have a quarterly assessment in all subjects this marking period- so be on the lookout for those dates!

Have a great November!

Ms. Nauman, Mr. Sheehan, Ms. Dacus

Fifth Grade

We are excited to have 5th grades in the classroom. Students are working on adding and subtracting fractions of like and unlike denominators. During reading, students will continue to learn how to take accurate notes and use those notes when applying it to writing. For science, students will beginning the unit of "Star Bright, Star Light." During social studies, students are learning about the 13 colonies. Students will publish their own personal narratives.

Unfortunately, the 5th grade field trip planned to the University of Maryland will not take place this year on November 9th but we are excited to continue to have virtual classroom field trips.

Tracy Burke, P.E.

Physical Education News:

In the month of October, students worked on their soccer skills. They practiced dribbling, trapping, passing, and receiving. Intermediate students also learned offensive and defensive strategies and were able to apply them to small-sided soccer games. In November, students will be using the mats to work on some basic tumbling and balance skills. Please remind your child to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing on the days they have physical education class so they can safely participate in all of the activities.

Dancing Through the Decades-November 29-December 4

"The Dancing Through the Decades Program introduces dances from the 20th Century that were “crazes” in their time. Discussion of specific dance crazes and their role in social dancing through time will be included in each lesson. Appropriate partnering etiquette, locomotor and non-locomotor skills in social dance forms, dance vocabulary, historical context, presentation, will be taught with an emphasis on character education. This special opportunity is for all 4th grade students. They will be taught by a dance instructor during their normal cultural arts time for the entire week. They will learn and practice the dances Monday through Thursday and end the program on Friday with a special performance.

Rachel Israel, Instrumental Music

Hello BPES Instrumental Music Families!

We're off to a great start this year! Remind students to bring their instruments to and from school to practice as well as to check their lesson schedules regularly so that they know when to come to class. If you are not receiving "Lesson Reminder" emails from me, please let me know by emailing me at Thank you and happy music making!

Mrs. Israel

Kelly Nolan, Library Media Specialist

Students have been busy decorating the library with book-related decorations! I can't wait to see the creativity they have for our decorations come November!

November 1 - November 14 will be our VIRTUAL Scholastic Book Fair. Please consider donating to teachers or the school and purchasing some books for your home if able. Studies show homes with books have a greater chance of success 🙂We have already received some generous donations to ensure each student will receive a book! Thank you to all who have contributed already!

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Laura E. Wells, LCSW-C School Social Worker

If you would like additional information to assist your family, please reach out to Laura Wells LCSW-C for assistance. All conversations are held in confidence. We can assist you with locating outside resource supports and Behavioral Management in the home. Please contact the school at

(410) 222-6590.