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Products and and their missing information

Tropicana (Packaging)

The orange juices such as Tropicana’s Heart Healthy Orange Juice have added Omega 3. Many of us including vegetarians might not have known before now, that Omega 3 is derived from fish. This isn't the fault of manufacturers, consumers should keep a careful eye on packaging and ingredients or, alternatively, make their own juice at home.There really is only one way to avoid false vegetarian foods and that is to be vigilant.

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Splenda (Advertising)

Splenda’s advertising slogan is “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar” whereas, Splenda contains no sugar and it is not natural; its sweetness is derived from the chlorocarbon sucralose…just one of Splenda’s three ingredients – the other two are primarily fillers. Independent advertising complaints and claims boards in both New Zealand and Australia have ruled Splenda ads deceived consumers into thinking Splenda is all natural like sugar. These advertising bodies recommended or directed the ads be taken off the air.
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Long term effects of such misleading advertising or packaging is extremely rare but that doesn't necessarily mean we trivialize such issues. A silly mistake for one might prove to be fatal for another.

In the case of Tropicana, the manufacturers might have mentioned Omega 3 as an ingredient, but it would have saved a lot of discomfort in vegetarians if manufacturers had stuck some label saying ''Not for Pure Veggies''. This is however, my opinion and it does not hold true for all cases.

As for Splenda, consumer groups and associations have expressed their concern which has resulted in lawsuits being filed against the company's advertisers and the condemnation of them.

My Product

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Beca's Rainbow Cake

Sweeten up your day with an assorted collection of Beca's Rainbow Cakes. With flour all the way from Minneapolis and chocolate all the way from Brussels, one bite of this cake, and your day will suddenly seem brighter. This cake is topped with a fluffy chocolate mousse, sprinkles, wafers, choco rolls, and a varied collection of the best chocolates from Switzerland.

Order your rainbow cake now, and get a topping of your choice for the same price! Our blissful choices include :

  • Strawberry mousse with wafers and cherries below a dash of sprinkles.
  • Whipped cream with choco rolls and a drizzle of melted Swiss chocolate
  • Mixed fruit mousse with whipped cream and a variety of our freshly picked fruits.



These are simply my views. I speak as an individual person and do not mean to offend anyone.