Embedded Session

Learning from each other to help us grow!

Peer Observation

We all learn from feedback right? So in the survey that you guys took on learning opportunities in the building something that was ranked low was peer observation. I have heard your cries and have a plan. :)

This week we will not have an embedded session on Thursday. Between now and December 17th you need to use one of your plan times to observe one of your peers. Please check with your teacher friends to schedule a time. It can be any certified teacher in our building. I have attached a video below of a teacher whose class you never want to be in. You won't find any rooms like this here at WS, but it will at least make you smile. (You may have to watch a 30 second ad & do so when kids are not with you, but worth it!)

My only request is that you need to watch a subject area that you feel you need to grown in. Teachers are the best at stealing ideas from each other. Fill out the form and turn it into my box in my office. I have attached it below, but also shared it with you on Google drive. You will be looking for good questions to fulfill our TESS components as well as some things you might steal and try.

"Anyone, anyone" teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off