Death of Coral Reefs

Human Dependence Project

Main Issues

Human activities such as targeting predator fish in this ecosystems causes the life in coral reefs to go out of hand. Pollutions caused by things such as oil spills also kills the coral polyps.

How people are affected by Coral Reefs

As coral reefs die, the shores are put at risk. If a coral reef dies the economy is effected as well. These reefs provide profits for the area through tourism. Coral reefs provide nearly $30 billion annually.

Negative Effects

Pollution is one of the main negative effects on coral reefs. Things such as oil slicks, garbage, and pesticides heavily effect the environment.

Can the death of Coral Reefs effect League City?

No, League City isn't effected by coral reefs. League City is near the coast but not a coast that any coral reefs live.

Regions in the United States effected

U.S Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, and Hawaiian coral reefs are at risk. These coral refs provide money for our economy.

How and What Wildlife are effected?

Lots of marine lives depend coral reefs. Plenty of fish, plants, and other underwater life lives in coral reefs for protection, food, and shelter. Without coral reefs these aquatic animals are left without their needs being met.

Who or What causes this issue?

Humans! We are the cause of many deaths in this underwater ecosystem. Humans cause pollution which kills coral reefs.
The Death of Coral Reefs

Idea of Solutions

There have been studies that have said the government should create laws in order to protect the reefs. They have also said the government should educate locals on how to protect these reefs.

My Solution

"Former Chief Scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, to predict that coral reefs will be largely extinguished within a century." -Mongabay Correspondent Jeremy Hance. If there is a risk of coral reefs going largely extinguished in a century we really need to act now! My idea is to create an organization that welcomes people to be educated on what's happening in coral reefs. I would show them how coral reefs affect them, and how they are dying.