Companion animal

Created by: Tyler Cavaletto

I am doing my companion animal on a husky

I picked a husky because, they are pretty, smart, and cool looking

Facts about a husky

Scientific name: Canis Lupus Familiaris

Color: white, black, red, grey, splash, sable, tan, copper, brown, and silver

Temperment: outgoing, alert, gentle, friendly, and smart

Size: Females are 20 - 22 in, males are 21 - 24 in

Weight: Females are 35 -51 pounds, males are 40 - 60 pounds

Fluffy: Yes

Role: To give you responsibility, or to help you move from place to place

Life span: 12-14 years

Needs for a husky

Food: Blue (Type of dog food)

Health: unlikely to get health problems

Space: Country

Grooming: Brush coat gently, use curry comb or a wide toothed comb

Mostly used at: Alaska