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The Benefits of Using an Instructional Coach

"Instructional coaches who operate from the partnership principles enter relationships with teachers believing that the knowledge and expertise of teachers is as important as the knowledge and expertise of the coach."-Jim Knight

Meet your NC IC!

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Literacy: Using Mentor Texts in Writing

Nobody but a reader ever became a writer.-Richard Peck

What are Mentor Texts?

  • Any piece of writing that can be used to teach a writer about some aspect of writer's craft
  • Best mentor texts are those that can be used numerous times throughout the school year to demonstrate many different characteristics of a text (ideas, structure, written craft)
Using Mentor Texts:
Select a text to emulate and reread-one that inspires an idea, models a structure, or demonstrates an author's craft worth trying.
  • Idea: text inspires the writer to create an original idea based on one from the text
  • Structure: text presents on organizational structure that the writer tries to emulate using original ideas
  • Written Craft: author's writing style, ways with words, or sentence structure inspires the write to try out these techniques

  • Read it (Read like a reader):
  • Analyze it (Read like a writer)
  • Emulate it (Write like a writer)
-adapted from Kelly Gallagher
1 Reason to Give Growth Mindset A Chance

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I-High Five (Teacher Highlight of the Month)-Mr. Pearson

Tips: How to Utilize Evernote for Reading Conferences

  • Create a notebook within the Evernote app for each student to house records from Reader’s Notebook responses and conferences
  • Collect the notebooks and take a snapshot of responses
  • Record teacher notes above the snapshot
  • The next day follow-up with a conference with the student
  • Within Evernote you can record the student’s oral reading, and the teacher can keep take a picture of the text to keep a running record
  • Evernote can also be used record notes and goals for the reader

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