Kids Against Pollution

Be the solution to water pollution!

Our Focus Issue

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island twice the size of Texas, is entirely made of trash. This global issue starts with littering in communities like ours. The Brazos River is the second most polluted river in Texas and Texas waterways are ranked the fourth most polluted in the nation. Litter in the Brazos River is harming wildlife and affecting water quality. If we do not do something about the litter in the Brazos River, we could end up with a garbage patch in the Gulf of Mexico.

Take Action

We are starting an organization called Kids Against Pollution (KAP) in order to involve young people in the process of cleaning the Brazos River and raising awareness of the issue. KAP will organize clean-up crews that gather every other week to collect trash in/around the river. KAP hopes to partner with Keep Waco Beautiful because we have similar goals. Keep Waco Beautiful does not currently reach out to young people specifically and we believe this could be beneficial for our organizations and our community.

How You Can Help

-Volunteer with KAP

-Pick up any trash you see on the ground

-Donate to this cause

-Don't litter

-Speak out about this environmental problem

What we learned

Madilyn- I learned that advocacy means that you act for something you are passionate about.

Chloe- Helping in your community is not just about being nice and giving to organizations. It's about doing something and taking action.

Miah- I learned that there is so much that I can do for my community when I put my mind to it. I also learned that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is huge!

Esther- The Brazos River is really polluted.

James- Being a good citizen means spreading awareness and helping your community grow.

Julian- I learned that even though I am a kid, I can help the community in big ways.

Jared- Do not let your age be your limitation.

Jaxon- I learned that your mind is your only boundary and advocacy is standing up for something you are passionate about.

About Us

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Madilyn, Chloe, Miah, Esther, James, Julian, Jared, Jaxon

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