American Revolution

By: Allison Dempski

Set in Stone?

It was pretty much set in stone who people thought were going to win the American Revolution. Britain had a much larger army than the colonies. Britain had more supplies than the colonies. Britain's army was really well-trained and the colonies' army wasn't. Britain had a leader and the colonies didn't. Everyone thought that Britain would win and that it was clear that the colonies would lose. Don't be so sure about that.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Both the Americans and the British had their strengths and weaknesses. The American's strengths was that people willingly gave their lives to defend their country, liberty and democracy. Another strength was that they received help from overseas from the French. Lastly, they had an experienced commander/leader General George Washington. The American's also had weaknesses. They were always short of men. Only a few of their soldiers were trained for battle and they were also plagued by shortages of supplies and other things.

The British had their strengths as well. One strength they had was that most to all of their soldiers were well-trained. The army was made up of 42,000 troops and King George the Third hired 30,000 mercenaries. The army was also well supplied. Believe it or not, they also had weaknesses. The distance between Britain and America was slow and costly. The army had poor leadership and King George was unable to convince his troops beating rebels would help Britain.

American Victory

The Americans had many factors for their victory. One factor was that they had a lot of support from other colonies and the people within those colonies. The British didn't have the support from the people like the Americans did. Second, the Americans had something to prove to themselves and others. They were this small army that didn't really know what they were doing going up against this huge army that was very, very well-trained. Also, they gained a lot of motivation when the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Americans had more to fight for and protect. Another factor was that they were very strategic about what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. The Americans made the British hike a long ways and they would be tired, hungry and cold from being outside for so long and always on the move. Only a few factors the Americans had for their victory.

How it Impacted Others

The Americans victory impacted countries and people all around the world. It definitely impacted France. When the Americans won and declared independence, they decided that they would be better off if they were independent as well.