Old Town Star Staff News

January 11th through January 22nd


Our ROCK STAR of the WEEK is...

Name: Mackie Flansburg

Current Gig: 3rd Grade

Personal Life: 1 (amazing) husband, 2 sweet girls, 3 pups, 3 kitties. Love to run, read, hike, write and my coveted alone time.
One word to describe yourself and why:
Joyful. I am simply a happy gal and enjoy my life.

Most interesting job: Being a mom.

Favorite hobbies away from school: Running, reading, writing, watching movies, laying in my bed. I love my bed. My bed is my most favorite place to be. I am an introvert, could you tell? ;)

Favorite song: High and Dry-Radiohead...Anything Simon and Garfunkel

If I wasn't at Old Town, I'd..: Be a writer. In a cabin. In the mountains. Hiking, reading, writing, and snuggling up in my bed.

Next Week...

Monday, January 11

On Demand Writing MOY

STAAR Ready window opens - 4th writing

Kg half day Tech planning AM, PBL PM

Mya to Executive Leadership Team Mtg AM

Universal Screening: Kg Aimsweb TEL

Cub Scouts Mtg 6:30pm

Tuesday, Jan 12

Report cards go home today

Mya to Principal's Mtg

Universal Screening: Kg Aimsweb TEN

1st grade half-day PBL & Technology planning

Student Council Mtg 2:45

PTA Mtg & Family Fit Night 6pm

Wednesday, Jan 13

Fire Drill 1:15pm

Special Committees Mtg 3:05pm

Thursday, Jan 14

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

CyFair ISD to visit OTE

Friday, Jan 15

OTE Spelling Bee 8am

Kg - 2nd SST’s - Academics

Saturday, Jan 16

Elementary UIL District Tournaments 8-4pm

This Week's Reminders....

  • Staff should walk any visitors you let in through the back doors, to the office AND if you see a back door propped open...please kindly close it!
  • January is School Board Appreciation Month!!! Please be ready to create those cards, banners, posters, and affirmations upon our return from break. Our Board Trustee this year is President Paul J. Tisch!

From Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention...

From all the ways we put our thinking and theirs on display to what we say and do to foster and find significance in student thinking, we’re letting kids in on who we are, what we expect from them (and ourselves), and what we believe about teaching and learning.

Super Star Shout Outs!

GINORMOUS THANK YOU to each of you for your time and participation during the Winning Cultures PD on Monday! We have heard lots of great feedback about the impact it has made on starting this second half. Our students are so fortunate and blessed to have such caring educators greeting, acknowledging, appreciating and affirming them in your classrooms each day!

And a Special THANKS to Kathy and her Universal Screening Team for your diligence in getting so many of our Texans assessed this week!!! Also to Amy, Kathy, Kathryn, Angela and Jessica for your presentations during Wednesday's Faculty Meeting! You are helping us turn our knowledge into ACTION!

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of our Old Town Staff for your hard work in delivering world class instruction each day. You are making such a positive difference in the lives of our Star Texans! Keep up the great work!!!

Have an AWESOME weekend!!!

The Week After....

Monday, Jan 18

MLK Day/General Holiday

Happy birthday Kaylyn Gustafson!

Happy birthday Lauren Glover!

Tuesday, Jan 19

STAAR Ready window opens- 5th reading

Jessica to AP Mtg

Unique Week - No Place For Hate (Snooze Tuesday)

Environmental Art Club Mtg 3pm

Wednesday, Jan 20

Unique Week - No Place For Hate (Wacky Wednesday)

Popcorn day

Mya to PTA Luncheon (PM)

SLT & SOS Mtgs 3:05pm

Thursday, Jan 21

Unique Week - No Place For Hate (Throwback Thursday)

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

OTE’s Chili Cook Off 3:05pm

Friday, Jan 22

Unique Week - No Place For Hate (Football Friday)

CAT Mtg. 8am

3rd - 5th SST’s - Academics

Old Town Elementary Vision & Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking