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August 13-17, 2018

We're Back!!!

It's so great to have all of you back in the building! The first two days were amazing and I hope you feel like you are off to a great start. This week of staff development will be fast and furious, but hope we have given everyone enough time in the schedule to prepare for all that is to come with the kids coming next Monday. Don't forget to dress cool on Monday for our visit to Southgate and come hungry as the PTO is providing our staff breakfast. Have a fantastic week!

Required trainings...

Required Eduhero trainings that all CV staff must complete:

  • FERPA and PPRA (1 hour comp time credit)
  • Child Abuse Responsibilities (1 hour comp time credit)
  • Bullying
  • Harrassment

District Comp Time Guidelines:

November 19, 20, 2018 and April 22, 2019 are designated as workdays. Employees are eligible, but not required, to comp out for these dates. To be eligible to “Comp Out” employees must have attended at least six hours of approved staff development as compensated time for the day. The training must be “on your own time”. Sessions held after school, on weekends, on school holidays, or during the summer after contracts end are eligible to be considered for the comp time. If employees are paid for their time, they cannot count the training as comp time.

Comp time may be acquired from June 2, 2018-November 9, 2018 for the November 19th and 20th Comp Day. Comp time may be acquired from June 2, 2018-April 12, 2019 for the April 22nd Comp Day. Documentation of attendance will be required. Staff development activities through CSISD’s Eduphoria Workshop will be documented through the system.



Child Abuse Awareness (note: this is NOT Child Abuse Responsibilities--ESC 6 has advised this course instead)

Bullying and Suicide Prevention


Employees who do not have an account with Eduhero will need to go to and create an account with their College Station ISD email account. As an administrator, I am able to monitor online course completion; therefore, employees no longer need to print and submit their course completion certificates to me.

Other Training Details

***Nurse K will provide trainings for Bloodborne Pathogens and EpiPen Demo/Allergy Awareness.

***Staff will complete an Ethics training, Year 2 this school year (more information to come).

Summer Birthdays!

Happy Belated Birthday to All!

July 4 - Lauren Fiechtner

July 5 - Krista Fannin

July 13 - Crystal Mapp

July 19 - Alison Stone and Michelle Dalton

July 22 - Deborah Mwarabu

July 25 - Norma Garcia

July 30 - Melissa Guerrero

August 8 - Lynette McCutcheon

Sorry if I missed anyone...our bday calendar is not up to date with all of your new staff yet.

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Shenika Foley - August 15


*Don't forget to check your staff development schedule for a detailed list of sessions to sign up for in Eduphoria.

*We would love for paraprofessionals who have some time this week to check with the office staff on what you can help us do to prepare for the start of school. See Becky, Cathy, or Melissa.

*Meet the Teacher is Thursday evening. You may wear your new staff shirts with jeans that evening. We will review the procedures for that evening at our Thursday morning session.

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