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Principal Brief

January 4-8

I just finished the book The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching by Bryan Goodwin. It was an excellent book- especially for the 2nd semester. Staying focused every day is important- For the next few weeks, I will share in the brief a few of the touchstones. The first section is about how teachers need to Be Demanding- How? Articulate and maintain high expectations for learning, use standards to guide every opportunity, unpack standards to clarify what students must learn, look for the big ideas embedded in standards. None of this is new, we just sometimes need to get refocused. Things to think about when planning this week with your team: a. Use your lesson frame- What will the students learn? b. Determine how you will assess learning- Begin with the end in mind. How will you know if students have met their learning objectives? What information will you gather along the way about their progress? At what points will you provide feedback and encourage effort? c. Determine how you will engage students. How might you use journal writing, graphic organizers, or seed questions to hook the interest of your students and connect learning with their interests? d. Determine how you will engage students in learning and mastering content- what opportunities will students have to deepen their knowledge? e. Identify how to close your lesson- How will you help students summarize and demonstrate their learning. What checks for understanding can you use at the end of your lesson? Please use these questions when designing your lesson plans. What we want for Hartman- It's important that every teacher get on the same page with the learning opportunities that you provide students to ensure that student learning experiences reflect a continuous progression toward greater knowledge and skills- without gaps-. We are looking forward to a new year!

Strengths Survey is due by 1/8. Please print out a copy, put your name at the top and place in Krista's box. - All Staff-

Student Work in the Hall- Please take old student work down and refresh your hallway with new student work after the break. I LOVE seeing lots of student work around the school and the students LOVE seeing their work displayed!

Staff Absences- Scott Winn (Human Resources) will now be the person who approves staff personal days if it is over 4 days before a holiday or after a holiday. The district expectation is- If students are required to attend, and not use school days for vacation time, we need to expect the same thing from teachers. I know there are always extenuating circumstances. If you are needing to take 4 or more personal days, please complete the form, and I will turn it into Human Resources. Mr. Winn will make the decision.

Family Engagement Night- January 28 from 5-7. All professional staff are expected to attend and participate. We will go over details at our next faculty meeting.

School Board Appreciation Month- Our board member is Heather Leggett. The theme is Super Heroes for Schools. Be thinking of ideas of how your team and students would like to honor Mrs. Leggett. If you need ideas, we can help with that too. Due- by January 20.

21 Day Challenge- Coach Haskins will lead us in this. WISD is competing against Rockwall. More information to come. We need all staff and students to participate.

#hartmanpride- Thanks for giving 100% these past few weeks. The staff at Hartman has embraced every challenge and met every need without hesitation. I am blessed to work with such an amazing team every day. I hope you enjoy your vacation and spend lots of time making memories with your families!

Upcoming Dates:

1/6- Team Leader Meeting

1/8- Rock Star Pep-rally- Students and staff may dress like a rock star. Alternate schedule