Greek Gods/Goddesses

Greek God Poseidon

Nicknames, Greek name, and Roman name


  • Earth shaker

  • Poseidon

  • Neptune

Domain/Natural Association (God of)

He is the god of the sea and also the god of earthquakes.



  • Trident
  • horse
  • bull

This video it tells you a little bit about Poseidon. It tells you his nicknames, what he does, and what god he is.
Greek Mythology : POSEIDON

Forms he can take

  • horse
  • dolphin

Images with explanations

Character/Personality Traits

  • bad tempered
  • moody
  • greedy
  • relentless
This is Poseidon's theme song. If you hear closely, you can hear the sound of the ocean waves.
Poseidon Theme Song

What he taught us

  • Be careful when traveling on seas
  • Not to anger him
  • Care for his horses
  • Not lose hope during earthquakes


  • Brother to Zeus and Hades
  • Married to Nereu's daughter
  • Father of the hero Theseus

Modern day use of god/goddess

  • Poseidon pool products
  • Scuba gear
This link is here because Poseidon is also the god of earthquakes and it talks about the safety and what to do during one.
Poseidon is the god of the sea and he can be moody so the seas can get dangerous and the link is a tv series about the seas.
By: Alec Phillips, Jason Holmes, and Uriel Hernandez