Welcome To The FUTURE

where people fly in super bubbles!!!!!

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The City Tour

Today we will give you an online tour about our wondrous world!!
First off,our school.We major in making our students dumb. who knows maybe your kid might come home with an ostradge butt. further more, our pentagon shaped aquatic cafe' we serve Popsicles the size of your face,and relax in a calming baby pool,when you look up at the bright blue sky a few reflections and translations will catch your eye . plus
they are all aquatic themed! Moving right along, the mega plex! where you can over look the entire community. A favorite of mine is the Littlest pet shop. We have a variety of animals from pythons to Orangutangs. We are sure that you will find a true companion. We have been making matches from 1934-2014. In this fascinating world you don't need cars! We have glossy bullet proof bubbles. Each bubble can carry up to 57 people. They come in all different styles: bubble gum pink, blue, cheetah print and the original sudsy bubble. Another hot spot is the popular Half moon beach. Where mermaids frolic and sea Turtles glide. Our sand even smells like cinnamon. Plus+ the water is a steaming 99 degrees. For a romantic place to go I HIGHLY recommend the Rain forest cafe'. Where we love reflections, Translations and congruent figures. We serve a variety of jungle themed food. Lastly, If you look below you will see our fascinating gallery.

Why You Should Come!

This place is VERY popular! We have been making families happy since 1923. We keep things classy. Also there are NO TAXES, but living here and buying your homes are pricey! We also enjoy people coming to visit. We are under populated so we need families to come and enjoy our property. Everything is rated 5 stars. We are kid friendly. We do have strict laws though. 1. Children under the age of 17 may not fly in bubbles. 2. no negativity is allowed. 3. Please keep all of your pets at home. If you follow all of those rules every day in and out, we assure you that you will have a very happy life.
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The Golden Family's feed back:

Today I have asked the Golden family to come with us today. Please say your name and introduce yourself,and tell us your favorite part of Our world and some things you dislike about it: Hi, My name is Ralphy Golden. I am the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Golden. I am 11 yrs. old and my birth date is March,33. I also have a pet Lama named Clementine. My favorite part is the pet shop because I take a 2 hr shift each day and since our school requires NO HOMEWORK I get to play with the animals all day. My personal favorite is crackers the guinea pig. And what I don't like is... well, I seem to like everything. NEXT! Hi,My name is Jake Golden.I am the son of Mr. and Mrs. Golden. I like to play Doge ball and I have a Crush on Melody Fagelman. I love X-box also and I have a major craving of Ginger bread. My favorite part of the city is, Well I like the Magnolia tree and the School the best. First, The school because usually I come home with some type of wacky animal body part. Next the magnolia tree, I have a major itching pain in the back of my head so I scratch my head against the tree and it feels better for the rest of the day. And what I don't LIke is the Mermaid on the beach, she gives me the creeps, one time... NEXT! Hello, My name is Dorthy Golden. I hate cooking and I also love my pet puffer fish Charlie. I collect bottle caps and Duct tape. I also love eating salted and dried sea weed. My favorite things are the Half moon beach because I get to let charlie out for a daily swim. And also the restaurants are quite divine. I usually pick up some star fruit from the rain forest cafe' or some sword fish from the aquatic cafe'. And both meals are under 14 bucks. What a deal! I have to agree with Ralphy there is nothing not to love. NEXT! Hello! my Name is Emmit Tyler Clark the 3rd and I often eat pumpernickel bagels. I always wear caky pants and a long sleeve shirt. What I love the most is the mega plex where I can overlook the whole city and still see my work of art: the bubble teleporter. I love it so much if I had to marry something other than my wife I would marry my beloved bubble teleporter. I truly love this town and have grown quite fond of it. I can't imagine a better place to have raised my children. I have no Bad responses about this place.CUT! Well, there you have it folks. One happy family living in one Happy town
Flying Bubbles similarities

In the Movie Oz the great and powerful people fly in bubbles just like they do in our Geo city