Enclave Real Life Scenarios

By: Brandon B and David R

Enclave Wolves Vs. Real Life Gangs

In the novel Enclave the topside gang, the wolves are similar to real life gangs. The wolves had tattoos and ink on their faces to represent their rank, in real life gangs they have tattoos to represent where they are from and who they are like MS 13 and surenos. Also, the wolves and real life gangs both have "territories". Just like the wolves owned a a certain area on topside and like their are certain areas in Chicago, New York, and Miami that have their own area of gangs. The wolves had something called breeding and breeders, which in modern day is prostitution. In real life gangs prostitution is very common in most of the gangs, just like the wolves had certain breeders to make sure their gang had a 2nd generation.

Living Underground, is it possible?

Also in Enclave living underground is normal to them and some people are curious about if it is possible to live underground. I am here to say it is not possible to live underground. The main reason that it is not possible to live underground is that people have biological clocks that are produced by natural factors. Those biological clocks are circadian rhythm. Living underground will make sleeping hours rise and when that happens then it makes health bad which contributes to death.

Are zombies real? fact or fiction.

One of the biggest struggles in Enclave is the freaks or what we would call zombies. Many people have made theories that a zombie apocalypse will happen. Currently there is no such thing as zombies but there is a bacteria called Naegleria fowleri that eats the brain. Naegleria fowleri is found in warm freshwater that infects by entering the nose. So wherever you are swimming watch out because you never know whats in the water.

Enclave Plauge vs. Real life Plauge

In the book Enclave, most of the people that lived topside died of a sickness like the plague. In the book they said a disease that killed most of the people living topside except the gangs and underground tribes. In the plague in real life it killed many people also but the plague in real life was only for around 3-4 years but they enclave plague lasted atleast 50-60 years because the skyscrapers were overgrown with plants and the cars were rusted down so much that all you could see is the frame. Even though our plague we lived through it, the enclave plague not many people made it and that some cities and places are abandoned.

A great dystopian book.