The Seed Non-Vascular Plant

About Moss

  • The most common non-vascular plant
  • Tolerant to harsh weather conditions and nutrient poor soil
  • Have cuticles and stomata
  • Grow where other plants are unable
  • The first plants to colonize


  • Are in the division Bryophyta
  • Look like clumps of grass
  • Can survive deserts and tundra
  • Have leaflike structures that are one cell thick
  • Enter dormancy when water is unavailable
  • Rhizoids anchor moss to surfaces like soil, rocks, or tree trunks
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The moss above is one of the most common used by humans.Sphagnum have the following characteristics:

  • Grow in acidic bogs
  • Do not decay when dead this is called peat
  • Peat can be used as fuel
  • Dried peat can absorb water
  • Peat has antibacterial properties
  • Peat is important to the carbon cycle as a reservoir that holds carbon in a organic form

Author: Ryan Garland