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February 2020 News

From The Desk Of Your Principal:

Greetings Senator Nation!

Here we are in the month of February. On Friday, January 31, 2020, we celebrated by having our quarterly Honor’s Assembly Breakfast for students earning academic accolades as well as those winning Senator Pride Awards (awarded to two students per grade level each quarter). That ceremony took place in the morning and Dr. Darnell Bell (Director of Professional Development and Federal Programs for PCSSD) came to share a few words of encouragement and inspiration. He shared his favorite quote with our students- work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself. Thank you to all of the families that were able to show up and celebrate with our deserving students. We also thank our PTO for continuing to support our school community. They served our students donuts and juice. Our PTO is always willing to go the extra mile for our school!

The celebrations did not finish there. We ended the school day by celebrating the completion of the quarter as a school-wide team. During the afternoon assembly, students who earned academic honors as well as Senator Strong awards were honored in front of their peers. We also pulled in student participants to play Minute to Win It Games, a Teacher vs Students Basketball Game, and a mini-performance to show our students that we enjoy having fun with them. These celebrations occur quarterly and we are working hard to include student voices. Our goal is to have more and more students to celebrate during each quarterly assembly.

Interim Reports are coming out and parent teacher conferences are also next week. We encourage our families to sign up for meetings with teachers for the classes that your child may not be performing to potential. Please know that we want you to connect with our teachers before conferences or as soon as concerns come up. On our end, we are noticing that we also need to do a better job of ensuring that all of our staff are keeping the most accurate grades on the HAC System. Please contact teachers first when you see a concern. Thank you for your support.

Last but not least, our administration team will be personally meeting with all students (approximately 590) to create a plan of success as we prepare for the Spring ACT. This meeting will be positive and looks at how students performed the previous year to set goals for the upcoming assessment.

As we have stated previously, time is flying and every moment counts! Thank you for entrusting RMS staff with your children. Have a great month of February.


Ms. Appiah-McNulty

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Counselor's Corner:

Registration Information

  • The counseling office is diligently working on registration for the 2020-2021 school year. Counselors are going to all our feeder pattern schools working with our incoming 6th graders as well as meeting with our 6th and 7th grade students .

  • Robinson High School counselors will be coming on February 12th to meet with our 8th grade students to help them with their registration.

  • Forms are due by Friday, February 14th. It is most important that each student completes and returns their form to secure placement for next fall.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Interim Reports

  • Interim Reports will be sent home with students Friday, February 7th.

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Math News: Cheryl Brown (RMS Math Coach)

Announcement for RMS Parents (Please, review and share with your child):

The RMS Math Department identified the top 5 priority focus skills for the preparation of the upcoming ACT Aspire Summative Assessment 2020. Cheryl Brown, Math Instructional Facilitator created and assigned each RMS student the custom-designed test-prep pathway (RMS ACT Aspire Math Test-Prep (Grades 6-8)). The focus math concepts are as follows:

  • Fractions Word Problems (JE and IES: Computational Skills)

  • Percents Word Problems (JE and IES: Computational Skills)

  • Decimals Word Problems (JE and IES: Computational Skills)

  • Graphing and Plotting Coordinates (Geometry)

  • Algebra and Functions Word Problems (JE: Expressions and Equations/Number Sense: Multiplication & Division)

During the next 8 weeks, your child will complete this test-prep math pathway weekly. Please, encourage and make sure your child begins working on this Imagine Math (IM) Test-Prep pathway at home (for additional math support). He/She will receive academic incentives for completing and mastering the IM lesson tasks.

Thank you for all that you do!!!!

NEW Robinson Middle School (RMS) - Mathematics Test-Prep Resources Google Sites (Under Construction…Completion Date: By Monday, February 10, 2020)


Additional Math Test-Prep Resources:

The Student Sandbox provides students an opportunity to become familiar not only with ACT Aspire test questions, but also with navigating the TestNav test platform. Like the Exemplar Test Question Booklets, the Student Sandbox will present at least one test question for each reporting category for a given test.

The Student Sandbox should be accessed with a desktop or laptop computer rather than a tablet or smartphone.

ACT Aspire Test-Prep: Practice!! Practice!! Practice!!



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