The American Red Cross (Global)

Founded By: Clara Barton

What Clara Barton Did for the Communities

Clara Barton helped in emergencies with the people that worked with her made commercials to donate blood to the American red cross. They need the blood so they can give it to the people in need. Also if any peoples house burns down they lead people to safety.

The american red cross

The american red cross helps in emergencies and answer to calls all over the world if there is a fire the come and give you some where to sleep thy don't leave you in the streets to sleep. They give you food to thy help you.

What Can I Do

I could go to peoples houses and throw away there garbage and give the mail to the people who cant walk I can donate cloths to good will. I can also go and shovel peoples houses for free. I can also give food to the people that need it.
Red Cross Give Life Commercial


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