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From the Principal

WOW! Can you believe its November already? November is one of my favorite month's of the year because it contains my favorite holiday of the year. I absolutely love Thanksgiving! I have the best memories of Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. As soon as you walked in you could feel the love of family and not have all the pressure of getting the right gift at Christmas. It was all about good stories, good food and the love that you can only feel at your grandparents house. Now that my grandparents are gone I truly miss that feeling. As we move through this month and think about all the things we are thankful for I just want to say how thankful I am to be part of the Montgomery Elementary School family. There is so much love here from the parents, students and staff. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a loving environment.

From the Assistant Principal

Happy November! We have so much to be thankful for at Montgomery Elementary. We made it through the first grading period and our Bearcats are off to a great start in the 2021-22 school year. One way you can help your child be successful this school year is to make sure your child attends school regularly. Daily attendance is important and when your child is absent from school often he/she misses out on many learning opportunities. The instructional day begins at 8:15 a.m. and continues until 3:40 p.m., at which time we load buses and dismiss car riders. If your child is absent from school and went to a doctor’s appointment, please send in the excuse from the doctor to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Some great news to share is that Montgomery ISD recently enrolled in the STOPit app! The STOPit app is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors. This app allows students to report incidents to school contacts anonymously. It also has a messenger feature that students can use to engage in anonymous two-way communication with school contacts. STOPit is available for download in the app store. Once downloaded, search for Montgomery ISD to connect with Montgomery Elementary.

Thanksgiving break will be November 22nd-26th. I hope that you are able to enjoy this time with your family!

Counselor's Corner

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We are thankful for Pre-K! We will learn about what Thanksgiving is all about as well as learn about the Pilgrims and Indians.

Our letter focus will be on nN, oO, pP, and kK! The letter name and the sounds will help us get ready for Kindergarten and learning to read. We will continue to practice writing our name the correct school way.

We are still practicing the lines, curves and strokes needed to write our letters and numbers.

Number 7, rhombus/diamond, and hexagon are our skills for math!


Kindergarten has lots to be thankful for in November! In reading we will identify the central idea, supporting details, illustrations that support the text and new meaning of familiar words in both informational and realistic fiction texts. We will finish up writing about the world around us and begin writing books with patterns as we stretch out the sounds we hear in words. We will apply our previous learning in math when we compose, decompose, compare, discuss one more, one less and subitizing numbers to 10. We will finish up the month of November discovering, identifying, and creating 2 dimensional shapes. Students will get the opportunity to explore the world of magnets then patterns of movement in science. In social studies we will learn about the Earth, seasons, and the First Thanksgiving.

First Grade

November is here and we are ready to learn some exciting new things!

In reading, we will be learning about the main idea of our informational texts, and learning about biographies! In Phonics, we will be learning and practicing r and s blends, as well as new sight words and word families. In Writing, we will continue writing, editing, and publishing our “All About Books”. These are turning out awesome, so be sure to keep a look out for some completed books coming home! In Math, we will continue learning about 2D shapes, and will also be introducing 3D shapes and measurement! In Science, we will continue to learn about soil, and be introduced to bodies of water. Social Studies will be filled with lots of Thanksgiving learning, while also introducing maps and things about the earth!

We have a fun, exciting month ahead and we can’t wait to keep growing!

Second Grade

Second graders are working very hard on their decoding skills and blending sounds together to make words. Keep reading with your child at home!

In November, we will be recognizing text structure in informational text and continue our informational writing process adding adjectives to describe nouns. We will finish up long vowels and move on to r-controlled vowels. In Science, we will continue force and energy of movement and then begin observing and describing properties of rocks. In Math, we are starting Module 4 which is adding and subtracting using manipulatives and drawing pictures. In Social Studies, we will finish up American Indians and begin Changes for America. We are excited to announce that the students will be sharing a Friendship Snack on Friday, November 19! Your child's teacher will be sending a SignUp Genius very soon!

Thanks again for all of your help and support!

Third Grade

Wow! How is it November already? We have lots of exciting learning planned for our third graders. As reader’s we will explore literary texts, review fables, and review informational texts. We will be asking questions as we read and determining what’s important. In Math we will begin multiplication strategies, and fact practice. We will continue to build our addition and subtraction skills, and multi-step problems. As historians we will dig deeper into inventors, and safety in our communities. In Science we will continue exploring gravity and magnetism, as well as earth’s soil. It’s an exciting time to be a third grader.

Fourth Grade

We are looking forward to our upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday (Nov. 22-26th)! As of right now, we probably won’t be able to have a traditional school Thanksgiving celebration with parents and students this year, but we will keep you posted if something changes. We will continue to be thankful for one another & all the good things we do get to experience in 4th grade this year!

In Science, the students are studying Forces, Properties of Soil, and Changes to Land. We will explore forces of gravity, magnetism, pushing / pulling & friction. Ask your child to look for examples of various forces at home. Also, go outside and take a look at the soil in your yard together. You could take a sample of the soil (about a cup or two) and put it in a large jar with a lid. Then, add water until covered by at least two inches, shake vigorously, and observe how it settles after one hour. You should be able to see the settlement of sand, silt and clay. It is pretty cool!

In Math, the students are beginning to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers in a variety of ways. Please continue to work on Multiplication Facts! Your child will be more successful with this new complex material if they have their basic facts mastered. Soon we will be moving into long division!

We are growing as readers and writers in Language Arts! In November we will be reading informational texts with a focus on retelling, paraphrasing, and summarizing, recognizing compare and contrast text structures, and identifying elements of argumentative/opinion text. As always make sure students read at least 20 minutes every night- and feel free to ask them what they're reading about! In writing this month, students will be working on creating a fan fiction piece. We are so looking forward to watching characters and details come to life in their papers!

European exploration is the focus of Social Studies in November. In addition to learning about missions and early settlements, students may start using the phrase “Come and take it!” as they also study the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

Fifth Grade

In Science we will be going back in time to better understand the formation of fossil fuels and how we use them today. We will focus on weathering, erosion and deposition as they change the land over millions of years. Then we will research changes to the Earth’s surface like volcanoes, earthquakes and mudslides. It is sure to be an exciting month in science!

In Social Studies we will begin November with a look into the industrial revolution and how it changes America. Then we will study the Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War as we continue to see why settlers head west of the Appalachian Mountains. We will then learn what happened to the American Indians and Immigrants in the United States. Life was not as they expected! To wrap up the month of November, we will compare industry versus agriculture and their effects on the economy of the United States as it grows into the great nation it is today.

November is bound to bring lively conversations in Reader’s workshop as we begin our third unit of study, “Our Changing Constitution.” In this unit, students will discover how one of the nation’s most important documents has been shaping our lives for hundreds of years. They will discover how the Constitution continues to change, expand, and protect the voting rights and civil rights of Americans, regardless of race or gender. The selections include a variety of genres, including informational text, speeches, historical fiction, and biographies. Understanding the way our government can influence the way we live will help students become responsible citizens. We hope the topics and activities will spark some lively discussions at home.

Our Writer’s Workshop will also transition into a new unit of study; Stories and Personal Narratives. Students will explore memoirs and use their own life experiences to create stories that teach others.

In Math we will start our fraction unit. Students will understand prime and composite numbers, equivalent fractions, finding common denominators, and adding and subtracting fractions with and without like denominators.

Nurse's News

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Physical Education

November is an awesome month in Physical Education! The weather is beginning to cool off which allows us to spend more time outside. Many of our Bearcats have already earned their key chain and first foot in our running program! Way to go Bearcats! The students earn a new foot for every 10 laps completed around our car-rider line. We will continue earning laps throughout the rest of the school year.

We are excited about completing our cup stacking team try-outs by November 1st. This will be our 7th year to have the annual cup-stacking tournament. It is a super fun event to be able to get students from all of the MISD elementary schools together for an evening of fun and competition. Our MES students traditionally do very well at the tournament. This year’s event will be held at Montgomery Junior High on the evening of November 16th.


Hello there, Parents!

The holidays are coming! If you haven’t already downloaded the Artsonia app to check out your child’s artwork (where I upload each masterpiece), you certainly should. It’s not only a digital portfolio of their artwork that you can share with friends and family, but they also have a gift shop where you can get those masterpieces emblazoned on just about anything. They make for a unique, creative, personalized gift!

They have a great variety of products that would make fantastic gifts from holiday greeting cards to jewelry, t-shirts to cutting boards, tumblers to quilt blocks, and so much more! I have ordered items from Artsonia and am very pleased with their service and merchandise. One of the best parts of this program is that it raises funds for the art classroom too! 20% of your purchase gets returned to our art classroom to purchases art supplies!! Every last bit helps our creativity! Please reach out to me if you need any help finding your child’s account or with any technical questions.

Please visit our Artsonia site often for photo updates!!!

Thank you!

Miss Petty, Art Teacher


The beat of autumn is here and the music room is drumming right along with it! We are celebrating Native American music and traditions while continuing to study, sing, play, and compose! This month, our Fifth Graders are working on scales, key signatures, notation and dynamics. Fourth Graders are having their go at note values, form and composition. Move over Beethoven, the Classical Period is the focus of our Third Grade musicians. They are also beginning rehearsals for the Christmas Program! Voice exploration, solfege, and melodic phrases keep our Second Grade singing. First Grade follows their lead by exploring voices, pitches and intervals. Finally, our Kindergarten and Pre-K musicians are mastering high and low pitches and singing sol-mi-and la!:-)

Our amazing MES Bearcat Choir gave a beautiful performance at "Voices From the Past" in historic Montgomery last month. What an awesome opportunity to remember and experience our history while sharing music! Now, we are working hard on our Veteran's Day Celebration where we are blessed with the chance to celebrate and honor all of those incredible men and women who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces. We are so grateful to each one of them.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving Break full of family, love and many blessings! I am so very thankful to be a part of this amazing MES Family and feel so blessed to be able to share music with each and every one of our incredible Bearcats! Thank you always for your support and for the opportunity to live my dream working with your beautiful kiddos!!:-)

Love, Mrs. Siple

"Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common." -Sarah Dessen


November is National Picture Book month. Picture books are great for all ages!

From author Emma Otheguy:

My parents like to complain that when I was a child, I was always hiding behind thick bangs and a book, using the book to shield myself from the world. I love that picture books are large enough to hide a child, to protect them from everything outside and take them to inner worlds known only to them. At the same time, I know as a writer, an aunt, and a teacher that picture books are meant to be shared. Picture books fit across two laps, and their size projects to a classroom as much as it hides a reader.

That’s the essence of a picture book to me: the brokering of the inner and the outer. Picture books tell adults about children’s secret lives, and they bring the universe to children’s libraries and classrooms. Picture books display always two pages at once, and in that two-page spread, there’s space for two readers, and in many cases, for two languages. There’s space to hold bilingualism and everything it entails: two generations, and the stories one can share with the next.

Picture books are first friends and great teachers—two of the things that have been most precious in my own life, and two things I hope grace the lives of every kid today.

So grab a book, or two and enjoy a few moments with your child!

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