Cultural Geography Is...

Nature and impact on our globalized and interconnected world

Overarching claim: Globalization

Globalization is the process of trading ideas, products, and economic investments through technology and meetings. It is learning of other countries cultures and helping expand country trade boundaries. It is also global meetings on how the environment has changed (example would be climate changes throughout the world).

Globalization: Economic

Economic globalization is a process developing financial and investment markets internationally to improve our communications with other countries. The Internet and World Wide Web has allowed consumption to develop like online shopping sites and online shopping. It is also cross border exchanges of materials, manufactured items, investments and purchases.

Problem and Solution

Roseart crayons are in competition with Crayola crayons. Money would be lost if the people don't buy Crayola crayons. A solution would be to lower the costs of Crayola crayons.


Technological globalization is the advances made in communication by devices such as mobile phones, computers, email, internet, and many more tools being created and enhanced daily. It is the ability to access information using the internet and share ideas using different ways. It is using technology to communicate personal, political, or commercial ideas. Global improvements using education and health using life expectancy and seeing the increasing changes.

Problem and Solution

Crayons might get delayed in transportation. Box loads filled with crayons always have the chance to get lost. The solution would be easy to fix. It only takes a handful of pennies to resend a product.


Special interest groups of countries meet regularly to discuss global concerns such as the economy and environment. Seeing how the environment has changed over time. Weather it be climate changes and credit crunch.


Oil could become a hard product to find. And without oil wax couldn't be made easily. Crayons main ingredient is wax.


Cultural globalization is ideas being spread around the world. Foods, dances, restaurants, fashion/clothes, and even music have all been influenced by other countries. Eating Chinese food or taking a Bollywood dance class, or even talking to a friend from a different country. 24-hour reports are made to show the activity around the world. Western traits are found in different territories.


Crayons may not be able to be transported to certain countries. When some countries have issues with each other they prohibit trade among each other.

Australian Maps

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Natural resources map

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This gives the native animals and natural minerals. Iron, copper, and gold are found there. Oil is one thing not commonly found there. I hypothesis that Australia is formed around these main productions.

Population map

These maps show the population of Australia is different ways. In the third map you see that most people live on the outer edges along the coast of Australia. I hypothesis that the people live around the coast because they have more natural resources to live off of.

Transportaion map

My hypothesis is that the major transportation doesn't have a lot of inland transportation because it isn't highly populated.

Follow Up Question: Was your product manufactured in one country but made from natural resources fro other countries?

The Crayola Crayon is not made in just Australia. It is manufactured in many places such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, and even the United States. The crayons are made in other countries but sold and distributed from Australia.


Natural Resource

The natural resource used in this product is oil. Oil is used to make a wax that is melted and dyed into the crayon mold. In this video taken you can see how they create the crayon, and how from the factory it is sent to your local stores. From your local stores you can buy them.
The Life of an American Crayon

My Relationship With Globalization

My Globalization Pattern

When I have a big project like a poster I use Crayola Crayons to color and decorate.
I use Globalized products everyday. From hair products to food. The hair products are from Germany, my clothes are from China, London, and many more. Many of my house décors are from different countries. I can have the option to eat Chinese Food, Mexican Food, and Italian Food. It can be negative when we only rely on one country. Not everything from other countries are great quality. It took away jobs when we started getting most products from other countries. Without globalization I wouldn't have all the products in my house.

Proof of Globalization

Without the hair products my hair would be frizzy and full of split ends. My clothes would cost a lot of money. I wouldn't have all the clothing choices that I have. Our food would be plain. Our furniture would cost so much more money. Everything in our country would be a lot more money.