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The representation of all my learning in Science 6.

Introduction to Science 6

Microscopes and maps

Science 6

In introduction to Science 6 we did a lot of things. We started off the year with qualitative and quantitative observations. Qualitative observations are observations that do not involve numbers, and quantitative observations do involve numbers. So after this small unit, we started our microscope unit. We started off with microscope notes and parts, and how to use a microscope. We then did our first lab with microscopes: the letter e lab. This lab is where we looked at the letter e from a newspaper and observed it in different lens magnifications. We then drew our observations on a lab sheet and answered questions about it. We then did a sand lab, where we had to compare sand samples and see where Mr.Shafer went surfing this summer. It turns out he went to Vietnam! We then made a packet of all the stuff we did with microscopes and turned it in for grading. After this unit was finished, we started our mapping unit. We first touched up on latitude and longitude and helped the people who did not know what latitude or longitude was. We the di Around the world in 30 minutes, which was a handout where we had to find out where some famous locations were located. We then wrapped up the unit with a worksheet that had famous locations in Tustin, like Boomers and Disneyland. I really liked these 3 units because I knew most f the stuff already, but it was a good reminder so I am as prepare as possible for this year.