Braz-Tesol Goiânia Seminar

Incorporating Response-ability Skills in Education

Plenary: "The Teacher and Response-ability"

In this plenary we'll look at how teachers do/might respond to learner contributions, including looking at the pros and cons of praise, Demand High approaches to getting learners to do more and responses to learner silence.

Jeff Stranks has worked in ELT for a few decades. He worked in Rio de Janeiro as a trainer and academic coordinator from 1991 to 2001. He is currently a freelance trainer and materials writer based in Brasilia. He has, amongst other publications, co-authored the series English in Mind (CUP, with Herbert Puchta) and More (CUP, with Herbert Puchta et al). He was 2nd Vice-President of BRAZ-TESOL from 2010 to 2012, and tries to keep involved with the organisation.


Creative Writing and Language Learning, Malu Sciamarelli
Harmonizing Traditional Language Practice and Mobile Devices Through Digital Photograpy, Vinicius Lemos
The Unplugged Cell Phone Doing Wonders, Ana Maria Menezes
The Elephant in the room: the (taboo) question of a teacher's English, Higor Cavalcante
Demand-High Teaching - An Invitation, Ricardo Cézar
Rapport in the Spotlight, Manoel de Oliveira Mota Jr.