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Mrs. Edelman and Mrs. Block's Weekly Newsletter

April 4th - 8th


Once upon a time ...... there were three little pigs and a big bad wolf.... that's the story right? But is it? Is there another side? This week in literacy, we read Fractured Fairy tales that really left us asking many questions about who is right and wrong in the stories we know so well. We compared and contrasted many versions of fairy tales and had great classroom discussions about whose side we were on. We even got the opportunity to write our own version of the Three Little Pigs. We also read a version of Red Riding Hood where the little girl is really a ninja who defeats the wolf with the help of her very fiesty ninja grandma. Ofcourse, we had to talk about what powers we would use to defeat the wolf if he happened to visit our grandmas:)


This week in Math we had so much fun learning about shapes. We started our week learning the differences between 2D and 3D shapes. We tried to find all the different ways we could make pictures using shapes and also had fun creating our own shapes with play dough. We learned we can use terms like sides and vertices to describe and distinguish different shapes. On Wednesday we went on a shape hunt throughout the school and found many different shapes. It really made us realize that shapes are all around us every day! We also enjoyed making Shape Pizzas and on Friday we went outside with sidewalk chalk and practiced making our shapes. We each got to draw many different shapes and learn about sides and vertices.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we were so excited to continue our poetry unit by reading Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends! The children are really doing so beautifully writing their own poems. This week we wrote List Poems and I Wish Poems. The children had some really sweet wishes. Here are a few:)

I wish I...

Could meet the real spiderman

Could go to New York

Lived in Israel

Had a bunny

Had a sister

Could count to One Million

What do you wish for....


We have been working really hard to prepare for our Passover Seder next week. The children have been learning all the rituals of a Seder with Morah Rivka and we have been working on making Seder Plates and pillows here in class. The children love learning all the Passover songs and we look forward to seeing you all next Thursday at 12:00.

Camp Jenny Backpack Drive - 5th Grade

Camp Jenny, located at Camp Coleman, provides a summer camp experience for children who are less-fortunate and unable to afford camp. This unique experience takes place during Memorial Day weekend. Camp Jenny relies on fundraising efforts and donations to make this mitzvah possible. As part of their Tzedakah project, the 5th grade will be collecting new or gently used backpacks to donate to the campers of Camp Jenny.

Collection cans will be located in the lower school carpool, gym, and front lobby from Monday, April 4th until Friday, April 15th.

Thank You's!

-Thank you to David Carlin for being our Mystery Reader.

-Thank you to Jeff Peretz for being our center helper.

Upcoming Dates

-April 11: Matzah Factory Comes to Davis

-April 14: Class Seder 12:00-1:15

-May 13: Our Class Leads Shabbat

-April 16: Kindergarten Zoo Havdallah

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