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January 11, 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Many people start the new year intending to improve on some aspect of their lives. “This year I’m going to exercise 5 days a week,” or “This year I’m going to save more money.” A article I read stated that 47% of people who set resolutions aim for self-improvement, however, just 8% of us are successful. Why is this and, more importantly, how can we do better?

The article I read goes on to suggest that the best way you can set a resolution you can stick to is to stop setting a list of specific resolutions and focus instead on a more broad, one word resolution. The truth is, the longer the list, the more detailed the plan, the harder your resolution is to keep track of and achieve. Your one-word resolution can revolve around a theme that encompasses many things you’d like to do and allows for flexibility and the unexpected turns that life throws your way.

Some focus words for the new year could be:

  • Learn

  • Transform

  • Health

  • Selflessness

  • Balance

  • Perseverance

When your goal is broad, it takes a little more thought in the beginning, but should be more achievable down the road. As the year progresses, you can continue to focus on the word that you choose to represent your goal, but address it in different ways to continue to move forward. Health for example can mean eating better, drinking more water, exercising, sleeping more. The list can go on and on. If you find yourself struggling with exercise but you are eating better and getting more sleep, then you are still progressing toward your resolution even if you still have areas you could improve.

There are things we constantly do to ourselves that ensure failure. One of the biggest is being too hard on ourselves and holding ourselves to unrealistic resolutions that sound good in theory but become overwhelming and lead to giving up. Don’t do that this year. Whatever your one-word wonder resolution might be, don’t forget to appreciate yourself and celebrate your progress along the way.

Perfect Attendance

These students achieved something that I was not able to - Perfect Attendance for Semester 1 - no absences or tardies. We hear so often from employers that they need employees who show up every day ready to work. These students are demonstrating they are up for the challenge. We recognized them with a certificate and a t-shirt with the hashtag #iftheyarentthrowinguptheyreshowingup! Congratulate them as well and let them know we appreciate them being here!
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Jr High SOM Program

This week we recognized our Jr High Students for demonstrating the Pillar of Respect. Each staff member took the time to share why they chose the student they did and how the student had demonstrated Respect. Thank you for making this ceremony even more special. We've had good feedback from students and staff about this revised format.
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Going Beyond with PBL

I love when we get invited in the see students present a project that they created together. There are so many different ideas and all of them demonstrate just how creative our kids are when we let them be!
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Wrestling Senior Night

It's hard to believe these young men are seniors already! They have been working hard this season, overcoming obstacles, and demonstrating true teamwork on and off the mat!
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Building Relationships

This young man came to us this year and we soon realized he had a number of obstacles to overcome personally and academically. He would hardly speak and spent the few weeks avoiding any kind of interaction. Ashley saw the need, and started working with him and his grandma to build a relationship and develop a level of trust. Just a few months later you can find him several days a week after school in her office chomping on bubble gum (his reward for working) and talking her ear off. I know many of you could share a similar story and I encourage you to do so. This is one of the things that makes CN Jr/Sr HS great! We care about our kids and go above and beyond to help them be successful! #cnproud #weareone #gobeyond
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Skylar Weigold

Below is information if you would like to send a note of encouragement to Skylar Weigold. Once his parents have his mailing address they will let us know.

You may email Skyler for the first two weeks while he is at the academy. Recruiters will print/process mail every day for the cadets to receive the mail during night mail call. This will only take place during the first 2 weeks. In the SUBJECT line you must put the cadets first and last name. You may attach pictures to your email letters as well.

The email address


For Your Calendars:

1/14 - School Board Meeting (note change of day)

1/15 - Sr High SOM Program

1/18 - ASVAB Testing

1/25 - Athletic Hall of Fame Recognition Ceremony