Use a word processor to create a newsletter

Make a NewsLetter

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1. Fill in Chart on LEARNING.COM

Select Partner!

Both partners will fill out their form on LEARNING.COM

  • decide on a theme for your Newsletter.
  • Decide on Title of newsletter (title of newspaper)

DO NOT FILL OUT "ideas list"

  • "MY CHOSEN TOPIC"- list what you will be writing about (this will be different from your partners)
DO NOT FILL OUT "my final article"
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2. Individual Article

Go to GClassroom- on the assignment click- ADD-DOC

After deciding on a topic with your partner, write an article (paragraph) with at least 100-150 words. (each partner has to write their own article)

You might need to do some research- when your done typing:

Share with your partner (you will click share and type in the name of your partner)

Copy/paste your partners article in with your GDoc/your article.

Article Example

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3. Use PAGES to make your NEWSLETTER

FINDER-APPLICATIONS-Page (or check your doc and look for Pages)

- watch the tutorial video BEFORE typing in pages

-start with blank

DO NOT CHOOSE A TEMPLATE -this will make turing it in difficult.

4. Newsletter- Formatting

  • Each partner will create their own newsletter (just as each partner typed their own article)

  • Copy/Paste- BOTH articles in and begin to format.

  • Be sure to the use the check list provide for formatting instructions.
  • Both articles need a picture. (see example below)
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How to SAVE

Be sure to SAVE OFTEN!!!

- FILE-SAVE- OR command+S


***BE SURE to check the WHERE you are saving.**

Change WHERE to desktop (this makes it easier to find when turning in.)

5. Turn in!

Turn in FINAL Newsletter on GClassroom under NEWSLETTER


Find NEWSLETTER- (should be on your desktop)

Select it


Turn in!

Final Example

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