Kitesurf Instruction


Learn how to fly a trainer Kite.

$149.00 (3 hrs land) Learn about wind, weather and flying power kites. Understand the wind window and learn how to fly the trainer kite. Rig a 4 line inflatable kite and understand all aspects of safety. This is the complete introduction to kiteboarding .


Come practice one of the fastest growing water sports – KITESURF – A combination of wakeboarding, surfing and paragliding. The classes are held at Sandy Hook Beach – NJ, by the end of First Parking Lot, which has access to the bay side. For those that would like to participate we also have a intensive training (camp) for 3 days in Cape Hatters, NC (due to perfect wind conditions for the sport).

We also offer supervised training module, in where the trainee will be followed by an instructor on a jet ski to perfect riding skills.

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