Famous Photographer


Brassai was born Gyula Halasz on September 9, 1899 in Brasov Romania and died on July 8, 1984 at the age of 84. Growing up he spoke Hungarian and Romanian because his mother was Romanian and his father was Hungarian. When he was three he lived in Paris while his father was a professor there. He studied painting and sculpting at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts as a young man. Brassai was married to a french women, Gilberte Boyer, who worked in supporting him in photogrephy.

What made Brassai great

Brassai used photography "in order to capture the beauty of streets and gardens in the rain and fog, and to capture Paris by night." He loved taking night pictures in black and white and high society pictures. Brassai is also famous from the seventeen he had made one of which was a novel named Histoir' de Marie. People have said "Brassai is a living eye...his gaze pierces straight to the heart of the truths in everything ." I love the way Brassai captures the mood in his night pictures, its soothing, and its breath taking.

Pictures of Brassai

Brassai Works

These are some of Brassai pictures that I liked