New Orleans

What is the region

The region for New Orleans is functional,because there are many cities surrounding it.
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French creole influence ( jazz,French New Orleans food)

French creole architecture and cuisine with an unmistakable character,and in general a strong personality all a result of a dazzling multi cultural and multilingual language.
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why does New Orleans have a french influence

Because French culture had a major and lasting influence on the city's history since its foundation in 1718.

What measures had new orleans taken to project against next possible hurricane

Many people after the hurricane Katrina, were left devastating homeless,but after the hurricane many people have required to rebuild more gates and flood walls to prevent a hurricane.
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What was the impact of katrina in New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States. many people died about 1,000 people died in the hurricane, on August 2005 many people were left homeless for all the flooding they had.
Hurricane Katrina - YOU MUST WATCH THIS