Babysitting babys

By kindred Johnson

Babysitting them

Watching them

Feeding them

Feeding them peas and ether things

Making their play room

Putting them to sleep


Babysitting don't now what to do than you should read this article -------------------------------------------------____________________---------------

Whatching them watching them is not have to make sure they don't roll away also make sure they don't puke all over them selves or get hurt like smacking there faces in the wall------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Feeding them/for feeding them you need to get a bopi and a burp rag and the baby. For getting. the bottle ready you get the formela then put them in the bottle mixer thing next pull the top up and down for about 15 minutes then after 15 minutes poor it in a bottle then put the bottle in the bottle wormer for about 20minutes after 20 minutes take it out then put the next bottle in for the same time if needed then put the bopi on your waist get the baby put the burp rag under the bab then start feeding--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Playing with them when you play with you should not scream at them.if they start crying you should pick them up and stand their with them in your arms.if they are getting teeth the best toy for them is the baby rings that make noise are also good for them.but do not let them near your toys.they could choke -----------------------------------------

Making their playroom before you take them down to get bottles ready you will want to make their Play roomPlay room first get a blanket then put a bunch of toys on the Blanket then put their bouncers in the room if had. ----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

Putting them to sleep for putting them to sleep you walk up the stairs if had then lay them down in their crib and walk out of the room then shut the door softly if they cry leve them Thier they need their nap or they will be very cracy-----------------------------------------

Feeding them peas and ether things. For feeding them ether things than bottles you can feed them. Peas prunes pumpkin mush these weird bar things.for getting started get bibs put them in there seats open the thing of food then get a BABY spoon and wipes to wipe Thier face of when your done. After that then start feeding.than after that feeding than that take them to the changing table and change them then just lay them down

Those where the things you needed to now for babysitting