How do Olympics Host Get Picked?

Jennifer Lee

How do they bid for the Winter Olympics?

Do you wonder how the host of the Olympics get chosen? Obviously, it is a process that will take a while. It has to be a city that has the ability to support the Olympics. Each country "bids" with an application saying that they would like to host for the Olympic games. The IOC takes that in hand and does some research.

Are the Summer Olympics the same?

The summer Olympics have the same bidding process but different researching sequence. The IOC tries there best to pick the top rated or most suitable environment for the summer Olympics. Of course, they look at the climate to see if it will be suitable for the different games such as cycling. They look at the physical features, measurements and so on.

Are the Winter Olympics strictly picked?

Normally, the IOC would research the country/ city that would like to host the games on climate, economy, land, etc. If the city or country may be suitable, then the IOC would let the future host know and give them time to prepare for the games.Of course, it is a way more complicated situation than that but I just wanted it to narrow it down so it can actually be in English and understandable.

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