My Boring Life

But I Know You Still Like To Hear About It Cause You're Cool

Hello ladies :)

I miss you all so much! But I will be home in about a month so I better see you a ton this summer!

I will be working with the summer program at Bethlehem Lutheran school in Germantown. Its a full time thing for the whole summer but I'm still not sure what I will be doing there.

Things are mostly boring at MLC. I am so ready for my classes to be done this year. I have had some good ones for my major such as Teaching Social Studies and Teaching Religion in Early Childhood so now I kinda feel like I know what I'm doing! haha Next year, I have to do my clinical experiences. This means that every week I will be going to a school for a whole day and teaching in a classroom. Early childhood first semester and elementary second. It will be a public school in the area and it could be pretty much any grade. SO SCARY!

Last weekend, we had a casino night party, thrown by a group I am in called Anchor. We raised almost $1,900 for WELS Prison Ministries! That is a crazy amount of money, especially for MLC and for this event. Also, Thrivent is giving us another $600. So get ready for God's Word prisoners! haha I was a great night with casino games and dancing.

My one year anniversary is in two days. We were gonna go camping but its too cold :( I hope you guys get to meet him this summer! Things are going pretty great :)

My aunt Sarah had a baby boy when I was home for Easter! His name is Joseph Thomas Hatton and she asked me to be his godmother! I am SO EXCITED!!

So yeah...that's about it. I'm trying to find a second job for next school year cause I am BROKE. I want it to be on campus so I don't have to get a car but I'm running out of options...blahhhh

I am just waiting for it to be summer! The weather here sucks butt. Seriously, its April 17th and there's a winter storm warning. So dumb.

Things we should do this summer:

Brewer's games




get crazy!

I'm sorry that my life is so boring. It consists of school, friends, boyfriend, homework, sleep, repeat. Kinda lame... But thank you for reading about it! I love you for caring :)