Top Computer Games

ROBLOX is the first


ROBLOX Phantom forces is my favorite game on the computer. It is an advanced tactical warfare. You start out with a M4, an assault rifle, an Intervention, a sniper rifle, a M60, a sub-machine gun, and a Glock 6. You try to kill other players in capture the flag, point capture, king of the hill, and team death match. You try to kill other players and win so you can level up and get new guns and attachments. It is my favorite because I love destroying people with my AUG A1, a totaly awesome auto assault rifle. This is why this game comes in first in my flyer.


Minecraft is a world where you try to build a lot of amazing structures and survive. In creative you have infinite health and infinite blocks. Creative is the most fun mode because you can let your imagination fly! You can build a 20 story mansion, or a giant pool! In survival you have 20 hp and limited recources. It is slightly less fun, but it is a lot more adventurous! You can build a nether portal and go to the nether. There are eye of enders that you can use to get to the end portal. In the end you will find a dragon. If you kill the dragon, you beat the game!

Vexare - Firing My Lazer