Tide Pools

Jazzmine Cole

Locations Of Tide Pools

Tide pools are often located along the ocean you are at. This is a picture of the Pacific Ocean, tide pools are located on the costs of oceans. Pretty much the outline.
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Temperatures of Tide Pools

A normal temperature of a tide pool is 62 degrees

Average density: 1020 to 1029 kg

Average Pressure: 14.5-14.7 PSI

Average Salinity: 35psu

Things You May Want To Bring

Going to a tide pool you should bring along the following

  • Towls
  • sunscreen
  • should swear something you can get wet in (swim suit/swimming trunks)
  • bucket and shovel
  • and maybe a camera to capture the awesome things that you find there!(water proof camera)

Ocean floor & living things

This is an image of a tide pool.

things you may find

  • Starfish
  • kelp/seaweed
  • hermit crab
  • nudibranch
  • sea urchin
  • plants
  • mussels/abalones
  • barnacle
  • anemone

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All About Science


Tides that come in from the ocean affect wild life in tide pools by moving habitats. WHen tides come in it could change salinity, temperature, and the amount of water.

Invasive species

  • sea plug (phidiana hiltoni)
  • green crab (carcinus maenas)
  • gulf weed (muticum)

human impact

Humans impact the tide pools by:

  • fishing
  • collecting shells or other things
  • and tourism

How to protect tide pools

  1. less fishing
  2. dont take anything
  3. don't littler
  4. watch where you step
  5. reduce global warming
  6. don't disturb wild life