Isaac Newton

BY: Ryan Sims

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Born- January 4,1643

Died- March 31,1727

He was born in Lincolnshire, England. At age 12 he was enrolled in a school in at town in Lincolnshire.Later on he enrolled at Cambridge's Trinity Collage for three year and while he was there he learned a lot more than when he was 12. In 1661 he waited on tables and took care of wealthier student's rooms at the collage.

Famous Works

Reflecting Telescope

Sir Isaac Newton invented the telescope in 1671.He used a curved mirror to reflect and focus the light, the length of the telescope was reduced because of his invention.

Idea of Gravity

This is a picture of a apple falling because supposedly an apple fell on his head and he wondered why it fell straight to the ground. Then he found out what gravity was and calculated it.

Laws of motion

Newton made 3 laws explaining how and why everything moved the way it did.