Year 1

Weekly Newsletters

Week 3

Topic talks for this term will include impromptu speeches given during class. Others are:

Week 3

Continue improving persuasive speech for the public speaking competition. This can be done by practising in front of a mirror in order to improve eye contact and by using facial mannerisms to engage with the audience. As we have been writing persuasive speeches in class, the children now have a better idea of what is expected both in the writing and the delivering of the speech. Below is an attachment with may be useful.

Week 4

Present speeches

Week 5

Using the feedback provided during last week's presentations, the speeches will be repeated and the best three speeches will be involved in a 'talk off' with Year 2 children.

Week 6

Stage 'talk off'

Week 7

Emergency Services

Select one emergency service and explain how it helps the community and why it is important.

Week 8

Weather investigation

Investigate the weather in another country. Explain why it is different or similar to the weather in our area.

Week 9

Workers in the Community

Select one community worker and discuss their role in the community.

Week 10

Weather: My favourite season

What is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite?

Last week's photos show a mixture of activities including wet weather, CHIMES, computers, spelling and persuasive speeches.

Regards, Mrs Porter and Miss McNevin

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