This Week In Room 411

Week of April 11, 2016


Monday, April 11th

  • E-Day: Art
  • Band
  • State ELA Assessment
  • LTMS Incoming 6th grade Parent Meeting-Information went home last week.

Tuesday, April 12th

  • T-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Band
  • State ELA Assessment
  • PTA Meeting at 6pm. This is a change in time.

Wednesday, April 13th

  • C-Day: PE/Music
  • No Band
  • The menu our class created is being served today.

Thursday, April 14th

  • O-Day: Computers
  • Band
  • LTMS Pre-enrollment packets are due. These went home last week.
  • Elementary Choral Festival at Mill Valley HIgh School Gymnasium @7pm.

Friday, April 15th

  • M-Day: PE/Music
  • Vocabulary test is today.
  • Band
  • 50 cent Friday
  • Book Fair

Monday, April 18th

  • E-Art
  • Band

Student Created Menu Contest-Wednesday

Each year each fifth grade class has the opportunity to create a menu that will actually be served in the cafeteria. The winning class is determined by how many order that lunch on the contest days. Our menu is being served this Wednesday. We are serving Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, green beans, fresh kiwi and grapes, Caesar Salad, frozen juice cup, and milk choice. We made posters and three commercials in order to advertise our lunch. Students even drafted Mrs. Carrillo, fifth grade mom and cafeteria staff, to guest star in their commercial. Our commercials can be accessed below by clicking on the image.

As these commercials contain other students, please do not post to social media.



This week we will complete The Sign of the Beaver. We now get to watch the TV adaptation of the book. Students will then have a choice as to whether they compare the book to the movie or the book to Island of the Blue Dolphins. They will also choose whether to publish their comparison as either a podcast, a written piece, a typed piece, or on their Kidblog site.

Vocabulary packets are due this Friday. The test is also this Friday.


This week we focus on:

  • analyzing the spotlight sentence
  • writing a fictional narrative from a picture prompt

Social Studies/stem

This week students will focus on:

  • analyzing bias in two images of the Boston Massacre
  • depicting and explaining two viewpoints of the Boston Massacre
  • Thomas Payne's Common Sense
  • Patrick Henry's speech, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Our STEM project will be to build a bow that will fire an arrow and hit a target. The supplies are string, craft stick, and cotton swab. This goes along with The Sign of the Beaver. The class has had a great time with these projects and in working with partners they don't always get to work with during other parts of the day.


This week our focus is on:

  • converting metric measurements of mass, capacity, and length
  • solving word problems where customary and metric conversions are necessary to solve the problem

We are also involved in the Stock Market Game. Students are working in groups to buy and sell stocks. It's been fun to listen to their conversations as they decide what to buy, and if they need to sell.

Most days students will be able to finish their math practice in class. However, at home they could work on math facts, either through flashcards or In addition, spend ten to fifteen minutes on to practice our current concepts. If your child has mastered the ones for Numbers Base Ten, then move on to geometry as this is often one that interests students and one they can accomplish independently. Any time your child is requesting more math opportunities, direct them to this site. They are familiar with it.

Math Resources

Last Week in pictures

Last Friday students worked in teams to build a crate that would keep a tea bag dry. This was our STEM project that went along with learning about the Boston Tea Party. Students had sixteen craft sticks, twelve inches of yarn, six inches of masking tape, a two-inch by two-inch square of wax paper, scissors, and glue. The team of Osvaldo and Giovanni created a crate that kept the tea bag dry for just shy of an hour. I have so many scientists and engineers in the making.
Lunch Menu (Click Here)

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So many parents have already signed up. Please consider doing so if you haven't already. Remember that students earn a free mechanical pencil when a parent enrolls in the messaging service.

Turn Markers Into Energy

Below you will find information on how we can turn used markers, dry erase markers, and highlighters into energy. Please read and then send in any you may have. This program was brought to us by a Starside second grader.
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