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National cathedrel

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fast facts

In north America

Capital is Mexico City

Population 121,736,809

Area 758,449

Main Language Spanish

Main Religions Roman Catholic

1875.24 Miles from the US


They eat 4 times a day they eat a lot of things like beans rice different types of chilies tortillas meat fish tamales they drink and homemade fruit drinks they eat a lot of things the US likes to eat also. They eat dinner usually with friends and family. to eat out they lots of food trucks and restaurants at the food trucks they eat there because its impolite to walk and eat. There are traditional Mexican food at trucks and restaurants like tacos, beans,chilies.


Mexico has an education system school is no cost or free from the ages of 6-15 from there school cost money there are 2 types of extra school you can do but first lets talk about the school that's free. Teachers focus on lots group activity getting students to interact with one another. Now for the costly schools there the most prestigious one of all Mexico university technical education and there is pre university. Pre university is more prestigious than technical education.


Mexicans were a lot of the same things that people in US like to were kids dress more casual and more laid back with there shirts and shoes and pants but adults more formal they were things like a collar shirts things that make them more sophisticated than kids. But it still looks a lot like how Americans dress.

Things i want to do in mexico.

In Mexico I would go and some the sports in Mexico like a rodeo or wrestling and eat at a really good Mexican restaurant or even see a soccer game there lots of cool things to do in Mexico these are just the ones I would love to see some to do.
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