Ancient Rome FAQs

Jupiter Gillespie


For short papers and for school, the Romans used soft wax tablets and a pointed metal stylus. When they made a mistake, they used the dull end to smooth the wax out.

For important documents, they used metal pens that they dipped in ink and wrote on papyrus.


The roman "familia" was different than the modern family because,

Slaves were a part of rich families

Their names were always after the father

the mother of the family had little to no authority

Rich daughters usually became engaged early


Roman fathers or "paterfamilias" control not only their wife, but their kids too. They had the power to whip, sell as a slave, or kill their kids for any reason.

Roman mothers or "maters" had very little control and had to listen to her mother in law. once she had children, she had a little more say, but not much.

The roman names are much different than names we use today.

The tradition was all children were named after their father, even if it was a female.

Roman girls had feminine names and roman boys had masculine names.

Clothing (men and boys)

Roman men wore Tunics, which came in various types, togas, which varied in design based on, who they were, what they were doing, what occasion, and sometimes mood.

Roman boys generally wore tunics.

Roman men wore a personalized signet ring made of gold or iron and was used to authorize documents.

Clothing (women and girls)

Roman women wore, tunics, stola, and palla.

Roman girls wore, tunics for inside and around the house, and tunics for outside


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