Tech Tuesdays~January

Want to explore a new tool? Come join in @ 3:15

Too Many Tools Too Little Time

One of my favorite CAIS events is the Too Many Tools Too Little Time. It is a series of 15-20 demos/presentations of a specific tool. They do 5 in an evening, I am going to do 1 a week for a few weeks. They will be glimpses of what each tool can do with some hands on time if you choose. After that if you want to know more, we can definitely arrange time.

January 6~Class Dojo: Reward Point System

Think of it as an online sticker chart. You can customize the reason points are awarded.

January 13~Student Response Systems: Kahoot and Plicker

Device agnostic as it is web based for multiple choice quiz like activities.

Students don't need a device for this response system.

January 20~Glogster

An online poster: Come explore if new to it, see how to use the free app or just get a refresher.